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Rent appreciation post

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Collins in general. He deserved better 

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Mimi being a cutie, Roger just trying to eat and Mark can’t roll his eyes back anymore

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Maureen, my bisexual queen

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“Hey mister, she’s my sister”

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I mean….

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Mark Cohen, forever alone

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And here we see exactly why he’s forever alone…

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Angel, who is literally an Angel, saving the day. Again

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problematic fave tbh

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Do not cross her. She’ll kick your ass and sue you for wasting her time afterwards. And win.



Showtune Of The Week

“What You Own” from RENT

(I know RENT has a terrible story and characters, but the music is still amazing)

I love Quidditch based ships so much like

Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood are throwing flowers at each other from across the room, trying to aim for the other’s head

Draco and Harry may or may not still be in the broom shed together

Roger Davies is in Madame Puddifoots with Cedric and Cho before a Ravenclaw v Hufflepuff match

Lee Jordan snuggling with George Weasley after a match, laughing over Lee’s commentary

Luna coming out to all of Ginny’s games with her giant lion hat

Fred Weasley and Angelina Johnson holding impromptu dance parties in the Gryffindor locker rooms

So many possibilities, so many plot devices ahh QUIDDITCH


Props to Roger for dating a girl named April and making this joke possible. Also for that the song he sings about writing a song is better than the song he ends up writing. If Rent and Parks And Recreation had been popular at the same time, this joke would’ve been made a long time ago.

Shoutout to when I was a Big Name Fan(artist) in the Rent fandom.


Wow, Adam’s voice is night and day in these two versions!

Which one do you guys prefer?

If the characters from RENT were on tumblr
  • Collins: A social justice blogger with a slight stoner vibe. The kind who can calmly dissect ignorant fuckers with a well-worded and thorough argument.
  • Maureen: Also social justice, but the kind who is very impassioned and is occasionally a bit too rude. A few theater posts here and there.
  • Joanne: That one blogger who adds legal advice and support to posts about the police and your rights as a citizen just in case you get arrested.
  • Angel: Half fashion blog, half sassy advice blog. Treats her followers like they're her children. Has the most followers.
  • Mimi: Grunge aesthetic blogger. Lots of glitter and black and white pictures of naked women. Mostly pictures. Lots of selfies, of herself and of her with Roger.
  • Mark: Tons of gifs and caps of movies. Reviews of movies. Links to places you can illegally watch movies. Most likely to post about his day and to put up pictures of the gang all together.
  • Roger: Reblogs mostly music as well as putting up some of his own original music. Occasionally reblogs some pictures from the others. Most of his followers are there for his snarky and hilarious documentation of stupid things Mark does.
  • Benny: Has been inactive since he married Allison, although he did put up a memorial post when Evita the Akita died.

Rent is crazy man.
Like, Roger sells his guitar and buys a car with the money. Either it was a very nice guitar or a very shitty car and I’m gonna guess it was a a very, VERY shitty car.
But then he manages to drive it from NEW YORK to SANTA FE- that drive takes 29 hours if you don’t stop. AND HOW DID HE KNOW WHERE HE WAS GOING? DID HE GET LOST?
Was that drive really worth getting out of New York because you had a early mid-life crisis? Was it really?
And then he had to drive BACK. Are you serious!?
Look at your life, Roger, look at your choices.
Ok, ok, looking at your life choices maybe driving to Santa Fe wasn’t THE WORST decision of your life, but still. Dude.