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paleasamoon submitted:

Hi my name is Del and I don’t play Overwatch but I really like the animated shorts so! Here you go!

-First of all McCree is a trans man so jot that tf down,
-Secondly you cannot look me in the eyes and with good conscience tell me that one of his binders didnt have BAMF sewn on to it
–“It matches your belt buckle!!!”
–It gives him the same feeling as when your bra and underwear match???? /nice/
-He has a cape that’s the trans flag (@Blizzzard make it happen pls)
-The first time he went horseback riding post top surgery, he cried bc???? His chest didn’t bounce and hurt anymore??? It was insanely freeing and he never wanted to get down

-Also a trans man
-(I know this isnt the canon reason but) I can see him getting his tattoo post surgery and being really glad that it draws attention away from his scars???
-Was super happy when he got to use his bow again post surgery
–It’s so much easier to use???
-His dragon could /feel/ its master’s happiness and become happier as well
–Idk if the dragons can talk but please, just imagine his lil buddy saying “You finally look like you, Master.”
–Dragon buddy bites the heads off of any transphobes
–Precious Bean uwu
–Helps Hanzo deepen his voice by “roaring” with him and making him feel better pre T
–Just. Dysphoria and transphobe combat dragon.

-Tbh I see Pharah as nonbinary??? Like if you think for a second that this kick ass sky warrior gives a shit about how people perceive their gender you’re not wrong but a little off
-They love being in the suit bc??? Is it a boy??? A girl??? Who knows but it’s shooting rockeTS AT YOU RUN
-“Are you a boy or a girl?”
“I’m a rock star”
“Okay but what’s in your pants?”
“Legs? Rockets? Your IQ? (bc it could fit in their pocket OOOOOOH)”
-It’s a secret but they have a basketball in the trans flags colors
–Its not a secret that they DESTROY everyone else on the court regularly tho
-“What’s your gender?“                                                                         "Disappointed that Overwatch broke up :/”

(Sorry I couldn’t do them all! These were the ones I could come up with off the top of my head, hope you enjoyed! And I hope your day is much better than before <3)


nb fareeha is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excellent yes!!!! and transphobe-eating dragon! there are not enough trans headcanons that mention hanzo’s dragons yo!!!! good shit! great! wonderful!! and yeS BLIZZARD WHERE is mccree’s trans pride flag serape!!!! u cowards!!!!

“Rocket Queen” by Guns N’ Roses

Top Metal Songs of the 80′s - #94

If I say I don’t need anyone
I can say these things to you
‘Cause I can turn on anyone
Just like I’ve turned on you
I’ve got a tongue like a razor
A sweet switchblade knife
And I can do you favors
But then you’ll do whatever I like

It turns out that this is the perfect song to end one of the greatest metal albums of the 80′s. Not only does it have a lot of great and unique parts to it, if you look  at the album as a concept album, what begins with a rude awakening (”Welcome to the Jungle”) ends with the tenderness of “all I ever wanted was for you to know that I care”. In fact, the song itself is a microcosm of that same journey that the album takes, ending, of course, in the same place. 

The song itself, which, which apparently parts of had been around in Slash, Duff, and Steven’s previous band, has some of the most unique work on the album with a a slow slide solo with sex sounds over it (more about that later) and that absolute HUGE riff coming out of the solo section. Then, oddly, it slows down to a sort of ballad before picking up with those great metal power chords again (which is kinda odd because GNR, despite being a big metal band, weren’t really about big power chords - they were more about slippery blues riffs). 

And then there’s the controversy of the middle section. If you’re not aware, apparently Axl wanted to record live sex sounds for that part and decided it would be a good idea to employ Steven’s current girlfriend for that purpose - without Steven’s knowledge. Of course the girl agreed, so one night they set up the recording studio and, well, got the sounds they wanted. Needless to say, Steven wasn’t thrilled when he found out, and, while everyone denies it, I’m guessing it was stunts like this that contributed to Steven’s eventual departure. 


“Rocket Queen (live)” by Guns N’ Roses

This 13 MINUTE version was recorded in July 2017 in Harlem. They sound great (even Axl) and I love the voice box solo by Slash and the Prince sticker on Duff’s bass. 

Just goes to show that when this band is on, they can do some amazing fucking things!