mine: rocket queen

“Slash invited me to go to New York where they were finishing the recording of "Appetite.” I used to live there, so I had friends I could visit and a place to stay. So I went out at same time as the band and I ended up hanging out at the recording studio the entire time. One night I got drunk in the studio and Axl propositioned me to have sex in the recording studio. Axl was having a hard time finding anyone to do it. I know that he’d asked several woman to do it, including his girlfriend and they wouldn’t. He said, “No one will do this for me; Erin wouldn’t, no one will.” Alan Niven got me a big bottle of Jack Daniels for me and Slash if I did it. That was the deal, I’d do it for a bottle of liquor for me and Slash because we’re drinking buddies. This was something that Axl wanted and I absolutely adored Axl and I fully trusted him, I said to myself, “Right on for the band, I’ll do it for the band.”“ Adriana Smith