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If you had to fall into a woman’s arms, my son, why couldn’t they have been Margaery Tyrell’s? The wealth and power of Highgarden could have made all the difference in the fighting yet to come. And perhaps Grey Wind would have liked the smell of her as well. –Catelyn II, ASoS


Y/N: “Your Grace don’t send Theon to his father; I beg you.”

Theon: Shut up, Women. This is about war, a matter you have no business in.“

Robb: Enough! My mind is made up, y/n. 

Theon: *Smirk* Listen to your king.

Robb: *Grabs Theon’s arms* You will show the proper respect for my bride. *Looks back at you* And your queen. 

Y/N: *Smile

in response to Robb Stark hate I’ve seen floating about:

he’s a kid. literally. he’s thirteen at the start of the series, sixteen when he dies. he’s a teenaged boy who has a fuckton of responsibility placed suddenly on him, who’s ill-equipped to deal with them bc he’s never been taught about how to be a king, just how to be a lord of Winterfell - and Winterfell is pretty tiny, when compared to, you know, having to be lord over the North, which is said to be bigger than all the other kingdoms put together.

did he fuck up? well, yes. he’s a kid, fuck-ups are going to be had, because he’s a goddamn teenager in a position of power. he can’t trade the Kingslayer for his sisters because, as he sees it, his bannermen - you know, the people who MADE him king - would not be too pleased that he traded a very valuable hostage in turn for two girls. (he also later admits to his mother that he should’ve traded the Kingslayer for his sisters, anyway - he cares, deeply, for his siblings, he’s the sort of person who would befriend his dad’s bastard and his dad’s ward, both of whom are frowned upon as friends by his mom, and keep them as friends for years. the thing is, when you’re in a position of leadership? you HAVE to put ties of friendship and family aside, for the good of the kingdom, and that’s what Robb finds himself doing re: keeping Jaime Lannister as a hostage.)

was bedding Jeyne Westerling smart? heavens, no. but you have to remember, at this point, he’s just come out of a fever, he’s just learned his best friend took his home and killed his brothers, he’s been bottling up his own grief about his father’s death for a while, and he’s been fighting a war. not only that, but nobody would’ve blamed him, I suppose, if he’d just not married Jeyne W. but he did, because he remembers how his mother would treat Jon Snow, and he doesn’t want Jeyne’s kid to grow up a bastard, because he’s seen what a life that would be. (and Jon was one of those who was privileged enough to be acknowledged and folded into the family.) also he is a goddamn teenager under a lot of stress.

plus: he’s a great strategist, you think he didn’t at least weigh the pros and cons of this? he did, he definitely did, but he went through with it anyway because he didn’t want Jeyne’s honor to be tarnished. JEYNE’S honor. Robb considers other people in his decisions too, especially those who might be most affected. I’m still not saying it was a smart decision - a lot of the time I just look at Robb in the books and sigh deeply in his direction like “I am so embarrassed for you” - but to him, it was the right one to make.

and also: for all that he fucked up, he did surprisingly well as a king. look at the other boy kings in this setting: Joffrey Baratheon? complete and utter prick, fires crossbow bolts into crowds just for the hell of it, also abusive towards Sansa. Tommen Baratheon? he is a fucking kid, he’s nine years old (I think?) and while he is a great deal nicer he can also be easily manipulated by the adults around him into making decisions that do not bode well for the people of Westeros. Robb manages to win all his battles, in contrast, and the respect of his bannermen as well, and to top it off, he’s a decent person at heart. yes, he does fuck up, but this is Westeros - who hasn’t, at one point or another, Fucked Up?

so, tl;dr: Robb Stark is a kid, goddammit, do not shit on him. he already has enough shit to deal with.


“Let us be realistic, Robb. I am sure it is a tale that has been told several times over ever since love began. A Northern prince and a Southern commoner… there is no way for it not to end badly.”

“What if it ends happily ever after?”  

Grey Wind - Robb Stark x Reader

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Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Robb Stark 

Word Counter- 432 Words 

Drabble Friday- This is a Robb request and jon request.. How would they react to their bestfriend/girlfriend/secretlover (you pick) if their direwolf wouldn’t listen to them and prefered you more? And would always go to you and give you puppy kisses?


You watched Robb stare at Grey Wind in complete confusion. 

“Grey Wind, come here,” He says slightly more firmly than he previously had, but the Direwolf stayed at your feet. 

“(Y/N), get him out of whatever trance you put my Direwolf under immediately,” He says and you laugh at him. 

“What am I? Some kind of Enchantress?” You joke and he smirks. 

“Maybe, theres a lot I don’t know of you yet,” He says and he takes a few steps closer, Grey Wind’s head lifts at the sound. 

“Grey Wind, come on, we have to go,” Robb says and you lean over and stroke the wolf. 

“C’mon Grey Wind, Robb needs you,” You say and the wolf jumps up so his paws are pressed into your lap and the animal plants warm licks over your face and you giggle at him, causing his tail to wag. 

You look over at Robb and see him looking unamused at the two of you. 

“Will you two hurry up, we have places to be,” Robb says and you stand up and Grey Wind follows you. 

“Oh so you’ll follow her but not me? Thanks Grey Wind,” Robb says, a slight jealousy in his voice. 

“Are you jealous of me?” You tease and he laughs. 

“No,” He says and you chuckle. 

“Yes you are…King in the North jealous of a servant girl like me,” You say and he rolls his eyes at you. 

“Just come on,” He says and he grabs your hand and pulls you along to his meeting tent. 

Grey Wind stays by your side as Robb sits down at the head of the table and everyone looks at the wolf beside you. 

“Looks like he’s got a new master, aye Robb?” One of the leaders asks and you smirk at Robb and he sighs. 

“Grey Wind is my direwolf,” Robb makes sure it is clear and you stand with the wolf lying at the bottom of your feet for the whole meeting. 

Once everyones left Robb orders you to him and you do as he asks. 

“Grey Wind is mine, just like you’re mine,” He says firmly and you smile at him. 

“Were you thinking of what you were going to say the whole meeting?” You ask and he chuckles. 

“Maybe,” He says and you smirk. 

“You were, weren’t you?” You ask and he nods, pulling your lips harshly down onto his. 

“I love you,” You tell him and he smiles. 

“I love you too…But Grey Wind is still mine,” He chuckles and he pulls you even closer to him. 

Game of Thrones Preference: How They Kiss You

  Jon Snow: When he kisses you, Jon is passionate.He doesn’t hold back and puts every emotion he feels towards you into everykiss as he securely holds you by the waist. 

Robb Stark: When Robb kisses you it’s lovingand sweet. He’ll usually do it when no one is around or when no one is watchingbecause the kiss is something he wants to be between just the two of you.

Theon Greyjoy: Theon likes to be dominant whenkissing but that doesn’t stop him from showing his gentle side. He will cradle your face as he gently nibbles or sucks on your bottom lip.

Sandor Clegane: He can be a little clumsy when it comes to kissing sometimes. He’s a little self-conscious about his face even though you don’t mind. His kisses are usually short but sometimes he does like to linger for a little while longer. As he kisses you, he likes to hold you as if you might float away.

Gendry: Gendry doesn’t usually make the first move when it comes to kissing since he’s never really been with anyone before. When you initiate the kiss, it’s timid yet sweet. When Gendry does decide to make the first move, it’s usually passionate and fiery as he confidently pulls your body as close to him as he can.

Tyrion Lannister: His kisses are long and sweet. He cherishes you and kisses you as if you are the cure to all of his problems. He doesn’t just kiss you on your lips but on your cheeks and forehead. He worships not only your mind but your body as well.

Jaime Lannister: Jaime’s kisses can get rough but not to where he will hurt you. He also loves to kiss and nibble your neck. He takes pride in you being his and is very territorial which is why he also likes to leave love bites on your neck to show that you belong to him.

Ramsay Snow/Bolton: Ramsay can get alittle rough but he makes sure that he’s careful with you. He likes to hold on to you, one hand on your hips and the other in your hair or behind your head. He also enjoys kissing your neck. It gives him a sense of power knowing that you trust him with such a sensitive and vulnerable part of your body.

Joffrey Baretheon: He usually places a chaste kiss on your lips while his hands are on either your shoulders or the back of your head.  He’s not very big on being intimate for a long time so he keeps it short and simple. Joffrey isn’t a fan of public displays of affection either so he’d make sure no one was around or send them out so you could have some privacy. 

Podrick Payne: His kisses are sweet yet confident. Podrick’s job consists of making sure whoever he’s serving is satisfied and it goes double for you. He knows you want his undivided attention and wants you to know that you have it so he kisses not only your lips, but also your cheeks, forehead, and nose.

Oberyn Martell: Oberyn is passionate and unashamed of displaying public affection no matter where you are or what you’re doing. He also likes to touch you when he kisses you. He would choose one part of your body that catches his interest at the moment and put his hands there as he ravishes your face.

Jojen Reed: Jojen has never been intimate with a lot of people so he’s a little unsure of himself. As he progresses, his kisses are sweet and innocent. He even gets into the habit of putting his hands gently on your hips as you kiss.

Samwell Tarly: Samwell is confident when he kisses you but he’s respectful. He doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable in anyway so he lets you set the pace. Sam also tries to make you more comfortable by not trying to touch you inappropriately in any way, he respects your boundaries and tries not to violate them in any way.

Imagine being Ned’s sister but being only a few years older than his children

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Y/N: Hello brother.

Ned: Y/N! What on earth are you doing here?

Y/N: Well…Winterfell is my home is it not?

Ned: Of course it is! I was just wondering why you were back so early?

Catelyn: Y/N, stop teasing your poor brother!

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Y/N: Hey Robb, do you think pretty boy’s got the intelligence to match his looks?

Robb: *sniggering*

Catelyn: Y/N! That’s the prince you’re talking about, at least try and act like a lady.

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Y/N: Sansa, he would be a fool not to love you, although I already believe him to be a fool…

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Jon: I am simply a bastard, not important enough to sit with the true born children. 

Y/N: Nonsense! Come follow me, Ser Brave Knight. Robb! Convince Jon to come join us!

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Y/N: I do believe, Jaime Lannister cares more about his hair than his job of protecting the king. 

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Y/N: Ned.

Ned: Y/N

Y/N: I do believe that you’ve gotten weaker, big brother. 

Ned: Have you been drinking milk of the poppy, dear sister?

Y/N: Me, drink milk of the poppy? Never! You however…

*Ned wins the arm-wrestle easily forcing your arm to the table*


*Rickon giggles at his aunt and father*