mine: ripper street

If you have Netflix, here’s some suggestions for stuff to watch

The Short film World of Tomorrow.

The show Ripper Street( five seasons. 6 or so hour long episodes a season) Crime show set in Victorian White Chappel London some months after the final Jack the Ripper Killings.

The Show Father Brown: Based on the Character by G.K. Chesterton about a Catholic Priest solving murders. I recommend this mainly because of Father Brown being played by Mark Williams (aka Arthur Weasley ) who is an absolute Delight.

The Movie Wrinkles ( I think it’s still on their). Very enjoyable if sad movie about life in a Nursing home.

Fate Zero: A great anime, even if you’re not generally a fan of anime I think it still has some enjoyable moments. Wizards summoning Heroes of myth and history to participate in a battle royale for the Holy Grail. What’s not to love about that premise? Awesome music (generally), stellar animation. A bit violent at times Best character by far is Isekander. Probably my third favorite anime if I were to order them, it’d at least be in the top five. Mind you, it’s a prequel….so….keep that in mind I guess?

Galavant: A Musical Comedy Show in a medieval setting ( with achronistic jokes abound). Great music (By Alan Fing Menkab of Aladin and Little Mermaid fame). Seriously just give it a watch. Favorite character is probably King Richard.

And. Oh darn. There’s this one wonderful little short Japanese film, but I can’t reme the name. Ironically, it’s about an Old man remembering the past. I think it’s called house of tiny boxes? Something like that. If you find it, you should definitely give it a watch.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment so there’s that. Make of it what you will.

Sgt Bennet Drake in Egypt, 1882.

Mechanical pencil, ink brush liner,m and coloured pencils on brown paper. Plus a filter because no scan here so I do what I can ^^“

This is not exactly what I had in mind, and I don’t know if I managed to make him younger but still Bennet, but I think it looks good now.

Shows that may interest Assassin’s Creed fans

So hey guys! I just wanted to list some shows for you guys to consider watching if you are really into the AC world and stuff. These shows helped me relate A LOT to this franchise, like it made me feel so happy because I mainly knew the names of the characters and knew what they would be like and stuff. So here’s a small small list of the shows that I watched and thought would be interesting to you guys!

1) The Borgias - It’s about Rodrigo Borgia, Cesare, Lucrezia back in the renaissance. Like it because I could relate it to AC II.

2) TURN: Washington’s Spies - This show is about the American Revolution, and it based on true events! I even read a book about it and it’s really interesting! Liked it because I could relate it to AC III.

3) Black Sails - Obviously, it’s about badass, swashbuckling pirates back in the Golden Age of Piracy. ALL of the characters in Black Flag are like on there… so enjoy! Liked it because I could relate to AC IV.

4) Medici: Masters of Florence - LOVED it because it also took place during the Renaissance in Italy, and tells the story of the Medici family in Florence! Most of the characters are recognizable, it has a really interesting storyline too! Loved it because I could relate to AC II.

5) Ripper Street - Guess most of you guys already watched that show, it’s mainly about Jack the Ripper and the murder events and stuff. Could relate to AC Syndicate.

That’s about it really, reblog if you have more shows to share!