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Shockingly Simple Pt. 2 (Peter x Reader)

Request: anonymous asked:
Hi can you please do a peter parker x reader where they are best friends, but she is tony Starks daughter. And after a mission goes wrong she gets powers and freaks out, she starts sneaking out and making wrong choices but peter helps her get through the tough time. Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense 😊

Word Count: 2,381 

Warnings: Some swearing

A/N: Here’s part 2! (And it’s my 100th post apparently… whaaatttt??!!) Anyway sorry it’s long I got a bit carried away but i’m really happy with how this turned out! also part one has like over 90 notes, holy crap guys! unfortunately this isn’t proofread much so if you find grammar and spelling errors then wups :/

Once again thank you to the anon who requested this I had a lot of fun writing it (as you can see lol)  anyway hope you guys like it ❤️

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Part 1

Four months.

Four months since you didn’t listen to your better judgement. Four months since you felt yourself ripped apart. Four months since you felt like your life was ripped apart as well.

You leaned against the subway pole as it lurched to a stop. Careful to keep your head down, you stepped onto the empty platform and headed for the stairs leading to the buzzing city above. Walking into the cool evening air, the buzzing got louder and louder. You could practically feel the electricity around you screaming, pushing towards you. You tried your best to calm down, to repel that energy away. You hoped no one else could notice the lights you approached grow just a few shades brighter, then dim back down as you passed.

Trying to appear casual, you shoved your hands into your pockets. You normally hated doing this, as it felt like you were an easier target with your hands trapped. As you approached the crosswalk, you noticed Delmar’s was still open. You saw the owner counting the day’s earnings on the counter. The ‘Open’ sign felt warm, even from this far, and you were oh so tempted. Was it worth the risk? A fresh corned beef on rye with crisp pickles in exchange for your exposure? You knew your dad wasn’t surveilling this place; it was too obvious a place for you to go. But another red-clad hero… your name was sure to come across his ears sooner or later if you went in.

Ah fuck it, you thought. You hadn’t had a decent meal in ages. As you walked through the door, you sensed the sign’s hum slightly quicken, and like your mood, lit up just a little brighter.

“Miss (Y/N)!” Mr. Delmar greeted.

“Hey Mr. Delmar,” you responded timidly, forcing your smile to shorten into a grimace. Keep it quick, (Y/N). Keep it quick. “Can I just get a number seven, please?”

“Coming right up!” Mr. Delmar turned to the deli slicer. “Haven’t seen you ‘round here much lately,” he called back to you.

You tilted your head up just a little. “Yeah, been kinda running around a lot, busy,” you shrugged.

Mr. Delmar reached into the cabinet for the pickles. “Well you gotta come ‘round more often. Miss seeing you and Parker. I mean I know you’re busy but you gotta make time for your friends, too, you know.”

“Does he not come here as often?” you asked, confused.

“Nah, started coming less and less a little after you stopped showing up. Same excuse as you, busy.”

You felt a pang of guilt. You knew his ‘busy’ was him busy searching for you. You wanted to reach out to him, you really did. To tell him that you were okay, that you could do so many cool things, but also how lost you’d been feeling, how lonely it was.

Mr. Delmar appeared at the counter, holding the long-awaited plastic bag. “One corned-beef on rye, extra pickles,” he smiled.

Reaching over, you grinned, a whiff of the amazing decadence catching your nose, “Thanks, Mr. Delmar.” You pulled a bill out of your pocket, careful to not let the others spill out.

He leaned on the counter. “Hope to see you soon, (Y/N),” he called to your back.

You turned your head back, replying, “Me, too!” You felt the door swing closed behind you. “More than you know,” you muttered.

As you rounded the corner, you felt a small surge of intense energy rushing down behind you. Before you could turn to confirm what it was, the ground left your feet, and your breath was lost in the wind. You felt the excited energy around you yearning to leave the shiny red metal and enter you. So you let it. Slowly. Just slow enough to cause your rise to turn into a descent. You could vaguely hear the warning alarms in the helmet advising low energy. Your captor glided to a nearby rooftop, and you shoved his hold on you off.

“Should’ve known,” the face of the helmet disappeared, revealing the baggy-eyed, worried-eyed, clearly-not-getting-enough-sleep-and-is-worried-grimace of your dad. “You were always a sucker for Delmar’s.” Okay, so maybe he was surveilling the shop. “Is that your usual?”

You clutched the bag in your hand tighter. “What do you want?”

“What do I want?” he blinked. “I need you to stop running around like some vigilante—”

“It’s no different that what we did before!”

“It is when you’re an unsupervised kid, running around with some freaky electricity powers, playing judge, jury, and executioner!”

“I haven’t executed anybody! And don’t call me ‘kid’ when you let me go on Avenger’s missions—”

“You wanna tell that to the two robbers in the ICU?”

“They shot innocent people!”

“So what, an eye for an eye? That’s not how the system works, (Y/N)!”

“Since when did we care about the damn system?!”

“Since we signed those accords!”

“I didn’t sign them!” you retorted. “And I sure as hell won’t be now, because they’re a stupid and a waste of time! I’m not letting some politicians with an agenda to make themselves look good use me, and compromise what should be done for the good of others!”

“That’s not the point of bringing you in!”

You blinked and took a staggered step back. “So you were gonna turn me in,” you murmured. You would’ve never thought your own dad, even out of fear, would’ve turned you in to be imprisoned and tested like some lab rat.

“No, (Y/N), I was going to relocate you so we could figure out—”

Relocate me?!” you screeched. You could feel your fingertips tingling with a thousand molecular needles.

“So we could help you!” Tony howled in desperation.

“So locking me in a rubber room, that was supposed to somehow help me?” you squinted at him, not believing the shit coming out of his mouth. You clenched your fists. Nearby the street lamps flickered oh so slightly. “You’re supposed to care and nurture me, and tell me everything’s okay and help me deal with what’s happened! Not banish me to solitary confinement as if I’m some disease! Not have me poked and prodded and isolated from my life!”

Your dad stepped towards you, but you kept the distance between you the same. “I didn’t want anyone getting hurt,” he solemnly explained. “I didn’t know what would hurt you or what would happen if certain things got too close to you—”

“What like, like, a fucking lightbulb? You thought I couldn’t at least have some control?! I know I wasn’t supposed to have this shit done to me, but you could—”

“Damn right it wasn’t supposed to happen, (Y/N)! You weren’t supposed to directly touch that thing!”

“It was supposed to be simple; I didn’t think it’d turn me into a lightning bolt!”

“I thought I raised you to have better judgement than to—”

“Better judgement?!” you cried. “Is that what you were using when you pretty much imprisoned me?”

“I didn’t know what would happen! How you would handle it!”

You scoffed. “Well then you obviously don’t know me,” you seethed through clenched teeth. You turned away from your dad and stepped onto the ledge, holding out a hand behind you to stop him from advancing any further. “Thanks, dad. Really. I thought this conversation was going to go horrible but it wasn’t all that bad. At least now I know it’s not worth it to consider going back,” your placid voice dripped with sarcasm, betrayal, and anguish.

“(Y/N),” Tony warned. You replied by drawing in all the energy from his suit. You felt every last spark fly from him to you. Mustering this new energy, you surged it within you. You tensed, feeling the pulsing become more frenzied, more excited, and that familiar heat spread through you. You concentrated a little harder, and heard a softer hum that sounded much farther away.

You turned your head back to look at your dad one last time. “Bye, dad,” you sighed. You released the pent up stress, fear, and resentment in the form of white-hot electricity. Your body dissipated into a million tiny currents, rushing to that far away, soft hum as if it were a magnet.

Once you had re-formed into a (somewhat) normal human being next to a dim street lamp, you were grateful to find that you had managed to reform with your clothes and your precious sandwich. The first few times you had used your new powers to ‘teleport’, it didn’t go as smoothly. You also noticed that transporting via — electricity? — was less painful this time. Maybe it was because the pain of the past four months overshadowed it.

You walked over to a bus stop a few yards away and immediately crumpled onto it, plopping the bag next to you. Knowing you hadn’t traveled far, it wouldn’t take your dad long to find you. You were debating whether to rest up for a long jump, or just jump a few more short distances, when, for the second time that night, you were whisked off your feet.

“Oh for FUCKS SAKE!” you yelled into the night.

You relaxed, ready to let in the electricity again, but felt nothing. It was then you realized the familiarity of the comfy cotton hugging your cheek, the sturdy arms clutching your waist, and the soft scent of cookies and faint cologne. Your heart rate picked up again, and your stomach dropped even further.

Once your feet felt a sturdy ground beneath them, the arm around you loosened, but didn’t drop.

“Peter?” you breathed, barely audible.


You flung your arms around his torso, squeezing as hard as you could, and nestled your head on his shoulder. He wrapped his other arm around you, pulling you close, resting his head in the crook of your neck. As you took in his scent, you squeezed your hands into fists, to stop the tingling that was growing in your fingers. You concentrated on the even breaths you could feel warming your neck.  

Warnings nagged at the back of your mind. Dad could’ve sent him. How’d he know where I was? Dad probably did send him.

“Why are you here?” you mumbled into his shirt.

“To make sure you’re ok,” he replied.

“How’d you find me?”

Peter didn’t answer right away. He knew where this would lead once he revealed it. After hearing what happened between you and Tony, he was afraid of what might happen between you two. But he couldn’t avoid the question.

“Your dad—”

Your arms went limp, and you stepped back from the embrace. You glanced up at his dark eyes that were full of relief and worry.  

“Look,” he pleaded. “All he did was say that he found you at Delmar’s. I just went there then followed you.”

You crossed your arms, frowning, “So you heard all of that?”

“Only a little,” his head drooped.

“Are they hearing this now?”

“No,” he muttered. “This old thing doesn’t have coms,” he gestured to his old ensemble.

You took a deep breath, “Look, I know you’re probably gonna try to convince me to come back and all that, so let me save you the effort.” It was your turn to lower your head, avoiding eye contact. “I’m not going back. Okay? I just… I just can’t. Especially after what I’ve done. I mean, I hate to admit it, but my dad had a point. I’ve taken it too far; not like I can’t control… this—” you gestured to yourself, “—but…” You walked over to an air condition unit and plopped down. Suddenly you remembered, “Shit, where’s my sandwich?!”

Peter shuffled over and sat next to you. He fumbled with his mask. “So, what’re you gonna do then?” he whispered. “I mean, what about school? You know? What about Ned and Michelle? What about the team? What about m—” he suddenly halted his panicked ramble.

“I dunno,” you furrowed your brows, shrugging. “I’ve lasted this long…” But you were wondering what would you do? You remembered how lonely you’d felt, how scared you’d been. You’d constantly have to hide and be on the run, and you weren’t sure if you wanted to live like that for the rest of your life.

Peter took a deep breath and swiveled to face you. “Well, um, I know you’re really serious about not going back to the team and your dad and all that, and pretty much cutting yourself off, but… well… I’d hate for you to just be constantly running and hiding, you know? Not knowing whether you’ve been caught or not.”

You cocked your head at him, “So?”

“What if…” he began, “you maybe… I dunno. What if you just, kinda, lay low at my place for a while?” His voice rose a few octaves at that last word, his question full of sincerity but unsure. “I-I mean, May wouldn’t mind, like at all, I know that. And no one would know! I wouldn’t tell anyone, and neither would May…”

You considered it for a moment. It all sounded so promising, but part of you was doubtful. That nagging voice in the back of your head, that voice you should’ve listened to four months ago. But it was quieter now. Maybe you should ignore it again. After all, what stakes were you facing now? Nothing but a friend to lose. Nothing much more to gain, either, but still…

“Come on,” Peter begged. “At least until we figure something out, like what to do, who to talk to…?”

Your eyebrows raised just a little, a little hopeful, “No one else would know?”

“No one else,” Peter shook his head. “Simple.”

You let go a breath you hadn’t realized you had been holding and gave in. You shifted your body completely to face Peter and pulled him into another tight embrace. His arms once again enveloped your torso, and you both nuzzled your heads on each other’s shoulders. “Alright,” you sighed. He pulled you closer and you did the same. You turned your head, your nose touching his neck. You whispered, smug, “But first, you owe me a sandwich.”

im sejun as your boyfriend

victon boyfriends 1/7 - dedicated to @smoltaek

a/n: i’ve had this lying around half-finished for like three weeks jksdhds i’m sorry also psa to all my wanna one followers s t a n v i c t o n 

  • listen this dude looks incredibly hot and has this kind of ‘unapproachable’ vibe going on but actually he’s the biggest dork you’ll ever meet
  • like seriously he is a mess save him
  • he just wants the best for everyone he loves so that includes you
  • let me tell you when sejun falls for someone he falls so hard he probably breaks a few bones in the process
  • he’s really shy about showing his affection towards you when you first start dating
  • like he is stuck in an eternal inner dilemma about whether or not he should hold your hand or kiss your cheek
  • tends to be self-conscious about his appearance when he’s around you
  • like he’ll be constantly fixing his hair even though it literally doesn’t need any fixing
  • when you try to compliment him in order to calm him down a little he turns he whole thing around
  • “sejun you can stop fixing your bangs all the time you look great”
  • “oh god what are you saying baby you’re the good looking one like how are you so pretty please tell me i don’t deserve you you angel”
  • he gets very soft when you call him handsome
  • he might even blush the tiniest bit
  • likes to squish your cheeks
  • cuddles with sejun are a must
  • like he’ll just not get tired of it and wrap himself around you any chance he gets
  • his thighs
  • like damn if sejun doesn’t have some of the nicest thighs you’ve seen in your days
  • you dare him to carry you and do a hundred squats like he did with byungchan and he does it no problem
  • will give you piggy-back rides whenever you want
  • ok so you know those classic american romance movies with couples sharing a strawberry milkshake in a cute little diner? that’s you and sejun
  • like you know he’s an airhead but he’s actually very romantic when it comes down to it
  • tries to make dates memorable and special every single time
  • gets nervous and frustrated when things don’t go exactly as planned because he just wants to have a good time with you
  • sometimes his insecurities shine through his bright and dorky exterior
  • so be prepared because then sejun sulks a lot
  • thinks he’s not good enough for you
  • it takes a lot of hugs, soft kisses and whispered words of appreciation from you to cheer him up again
  • kisses the top of your head as a thank you
  • when you get sleepy while watching a movie or when the two of you go stargazing sejun will pull you into his lap, rock you back and forth gently and sing you a soft lullaby with that marvelous voice of his
  • melts a little when you fall asleep in his arms
  • definitely the type to start crying when you fight with him
  • it’s not that he’s overly emotional but he just loves you so much and can’t live with the fact that you’re mad at him
  • he’s also highkey scared about you leaving him but honestly why would you
  • and of course you can’t stand seeing him like that so you just pull him close and apologize quietly
  • and he holds you so, so tight
  • y’all probably make out for a little while after that
  • and making out with sejun is really nice
  • i’ve seen some other blogs say that sejun is very sensual and hey i don’t disagree i mean have you seen him in the eyez eyez mv
  • kissing when you’re making out is most likely very deep and passionate with his hands firmly gripping your hips or slowly running up and down your sides
  • and his gaze when he pulls away is just so intense it’s rude tf
  • needs to have you close to him at night
  • even if it’s incredibly hot out and both of you refuse to sleep with the covers on you can be sure that he’ll be clinging onto your frame like a koala
  • at some point you’ll just shove him away because he’s sweaty and you’re sweaty and the situation is slowly becoming unbearable
  • will whine in his sleep and wrap his arms around you again in unconscious protest
  • also the type to knee you in the stomach three times throughout the night
  • congrats you have a very needy and hot boyfriend so please treat him right because he’ll stay loyal to you for all eternity and honestly he just treasures you more than anything else in his life give sejun a lot of love pls
exceptions | jimin

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pairing: park jimin | reader  
genre: angst, gangmember!jimin 
summary: he comes and goes like the wind. [requested] 
word count:  2.336

“I am not losing you again.”

Park Jimin is notorious for being the bold yet smooth charmer that he is. He is a man whose name is nowhere near unfamiliar on campus grounds. Being born with a silver spoon in his mouth can sometimes make people question why, out of all the prestigious universities in South Korea, he chose one that could never make it into the national top list. A small institute, unlike the fancy ones that are usually situated in the country’s capital. It’s obvious that he radiates money. He always comes to class with the nicest clothes, drives the best car, and is always first to change his phone whenever a new edition comes out. He could get into any university even if his academics didn’t support him (though everyone highly doubts that, the boy is surprisingly really smart), so why here?

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anonymous asked:

Spell request item: watercolor set brush pens? I carry them with me everywhere

Watercolor Brushes Spell
An artist’s spell to temporarily cleanse your chakras and ground yourself

Materials: watercolor set brush pens, paper, pen

  1. paint 7 circles vertically up the paper, each a different color of the rainbow starting with red on the bottom to represent all 7 chakras
  2. for the Root chakra circle (bottom, red), envision yourself stomping your bare feet on the forest floor. When finished, strike a horizontal line through the circle with your pen and smudge the ink with the wet watercolor brush
  3. for the Sacral chakra (orange), close your eyes and envision yourself feeling warm, comfortable, and full of pleasure. When finished, draw a plus sign in the circle with your pen and smudge the ink with the wet watercolor brush
  4. for the Solar Plexus chakra (yellow), shake out your arms and envision yourself dancing (or actually get up and dance! shake those hips). When finished, draw a smaller circle inside the chakra circle with your pen and smudge the ink with the wet watercolor brush
  5. for the Heart chakra (green), place your hand(s) over your heart and feel the pulse. Focus on the feeling of your heart pumping blood throughout your whole body. Meditate on that for a bit. When finished, draw a heart inside the chakra circle with your pen and smudge the ink with the wet watercolor brush
  6. for the Throat chakra (blue), envision yourself doing a shoulder stand (or actually do it! You can look up this yoga pose online if you’re unfamiliar with it). When finished, draw a triangle pointing down inside the chakra circle with your pen and smudge the ink with the wet watercolor brush
  7. for the Third Eye chakra (indigo), envision yourself getting down into Child’s Pose, keep one arm outstretched as normal and one arm tucked in to keep your finger over your third eye. Level out your breathing. When finished, draw an eye inside the chakra circle with your pen and smudge the ink with the wet watercolor brush
  8. for the Crown chakra (violet), meditate. Get comfortable and focus on the white noise surrounding you or your breath or something that calms you ad clears your mind. When finished, put a dot inside the chakra circle with your pen and smudge the ink with the wet watercolor brush
  9.  color in the rest of the page pastel pink, envisioning yourself surrounded by love
  10. when the paper is fully dry the spell is sealed!