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The Mishipeshu, or underwater panther, is a creature in native american mythology that has the head and paws of a panther, but also has scales and sharp spikes along it’s back. Sometimes they had horns or antlers.

The Chippewa people claimed it was the master of all water creatures, while the Algonquin people believed it was the most powerful creature from the underworld.


James Randi explica la homeopatía (no veáis los links hasta después del vídeo, al menos no este último, será mejor). Me he dado cuenta de que el contenido de este hombre en Tumblr es preocupantemente escaso. Para arreglar esto, subiré más.

Életem legrövidebb randija

tegnap esett meg velem. Kerek öt percig tartott.

Az egész dolog előzménye annyi, hogy a múlt hétvégén elmentem egy ballagásra ahol 2-3 embert leszámítva senkit nem ismertem. Persze engem sem kell félteni, lespanoltam egy ilyen közepesnél valamivel jobb gáréval és meg is beszéltük hogy pénteken együtt iszunk meg kokettálunk, értitek hogy megy ez.

Még a nagy találkozó előtt beugrottam a Motorosba hogy köszönjek az öreg Gerinek, akinek még poénból azt is mondtam hogy még az is lehet, öt perc múlva visszajövök. Hát kajak így volt.

A megbeszélt helyre érve azt tapasztaltam, hogy bent valami 40 fok van, így nem is csoda hogy a kiscsaj annyira be volt baszva, hogy a lépcsőn felém lépegetve megbotlott és akkorát zakózott, hogy mást már egy ilyenért leszázalékolnak. Tulajdonképpen teljesen el volt ázva szegény, így inkább mondtam hogy bocsi de dolgom van és visszamentem a Motorosba ahol Geriék jól kiröhögtek majd az amúgy 17 éves kiscsaj (megismerkedésünket követően fácsén tudtam meg a korát a nevével együtt) példáján felbuzdulva mi is jól bebasztunk.


Prompt: Jane gets jealous of Maura and BT’s relationship.


Jane was supposed to be working. She was supposed to be out there looking for the murderer of a well known business man. But she wasn’t. Instead, she was in the Dirty Robber (or what use to be the Dirty Robber) scowling at Maura’s new man candy, BT. Who names their kid BT anyway?  She wasn’t stalking them. She had just decided she needed a drink after a long day at work with no leads in their case.  It was just a coincidence that BT and Maura just so happened to be there too. Yeah, a coincidence.

She didn’t like him. He wasn’t right for Maura. Opposites attract and they were way too much alike. They wouldn’t last. They wouldn’t. No matter how many times she told herself that, Jane didn’t believe it. Especially not when they were flirting like it was going out of style.

They were sitting at the table across from her booth. Maura was so engulfed in the man’s words that she hadn’t even realized her best friend’s presence. Jane wanted so badly to just go over there and tell Maura that they had a case, just to get her away from him. But she couldn’t do it. Maura was happy and as much as she hated the fact that it wasn’t with her, she wouldn’t do anything to ruin it. She was convinced that her feelings for the blonde weren’t reciprocated and she wasn’t about to ruin their friendship with some dumb confession of love.

“Jane?” She had been so engulfed in her thoughts that she hadn’t realized that Maura had been standing right in front of her. She almost dropped the beer in her hand when the ME spoke her name.

“Uh, hey Maur.” Jane said, trying to sound casual.

Maura slid into the empty seat across from Jane. “You didn’t tell me you were planning to come here.”

“Last minute decision.” Jane shrugged Last minute decision my ass. But she wasn’t gonna tell Maura that.

“I see.” Maura raised her hand and a waitress came to the booth. As usual, she ordered champagne.

Jane cleared her throat and tried to change the conversation. “So I see you and BT were hitting it off.”

Really, Jane? The detective scolded herself. She was really having a bad case of foot in mouth syndrome today.

“He’s a very interesting man.” Maura said, smiling as she did Jane couldn’t help but scowl at that. She almost missed the next words that came from Maura’s mouth. She had to ask her to repeat them.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I said, he’s just a friend.”

“But you guys were flirting and stuff.” Jane was sure the man had hit it off with Maura the moment he opened his mouth and started spilling scientific facts.

He was flirting. I was simply admiring is brilliant mind.” Maura said and Jane looked to see if any hives were popping up on her skin. They weren’t

“Why were you eating dinner with him then?” Jane asked suspiciously. She had to; this was just way too easy. Things don’t usually go her way.

“He invited me to dinner, I accepted. But I told him we couldn’t be together.” Maura said after she took a sip of the champagne the waitress had just put in front of her.

“Why not?” Jane asked curiously. For all intensive purposes, Maura and BT went great together, whether she liked it or not.

“Because I’m in love with someone else.” Jane almost choked on the beer she had just taken a swig of.

“You’re what?” She asked, shocked. She had refused to call the feeling she had gotten in her chest when she saw Maura with BT jealousy, but now, there was no mistaking it. She was pretty damn jealous. Where the hell did Maura find time to fall in love?

Jane was again so engulfed in her thoughts that she hadn’t realized that Maura was beside her now, a look of concern plastered on her face.

“Are you okay?”

“Nuh uh, no changing the subject. Who are you in love with? And why am I just hearing about this now?” Jane was angry. Not at Maura, but at whoever had managed to capture her heart.

“I couldn’t tell you.”

“Why not? I’m your best friend. You can tell me anything.” Jane said. She hated the idea that Maura was in love with somebody else but she hated the fact that Maura thought she couldn’t tell her even more.

“Well I couldn’t very well discuss the subject of being in love with my best friend with my best friend.” Maura said casually.

If Jane had more beer left, she would have definitely choked on that. She was pretty sure though, that she had misheard the doctor.

“I’m sorry?” She asked weakly, her voice raising a pitch.

But Maura didn’t answer her verbally. Nope. Before Jane even realized what the hell was happening. Soft lips were on hers and her heart felt like it was about to implode in her chest.

She had thought that being a detective, catching bad guys and putting their asses in jail, feeling that sense of satisfaction and relief that she was making the city safer, she had thought that that was the greatest thing she could ever feel. She thought that was the best thing she could ever do with her life.

Boy was she wrong.

Kissing Maura Isles, having the ME’s lips moving against hers, having the doctor’s hands tangled in her hair, having her heart double in size like the fucking Grinch.

THAT was the best thing she could do with her life.

That was the best, greatest feeling in the world.


Hope i did good.