mine: randi

things i’m sick of:

- steve not being considered smart

- people pretending like some of the meaner/tougher guys would change everything about themselves when they meet some sweet perfect dream girl

- cherry valance being villainized 

- acting like johnny was weak

- treating bob or randy like they were anything worse than confused kids

- sylvia and sandy being treated poorly

- christ just give all the girls a little credit

- seeing ‘mickey mouse’ and ‘two bit’ in the same sentence constantly

- ^^^ ‘car’ and ‘steve’

Randy Stair’s journal entry (extract) November 23, 2016.

Randy Stair, 24, killed 3 co-workers before turning the gun on himself in a Pennsylvania supermarket on June 8, 2017.
He idolised the Columbine shooters and, like them, left a lot of writing and many videos behind to spread his message and explain his actions.