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anonymous asked:

Today I was called an “anti feminist” by a male colleague because I said that I don’t think that a relationship between a 18 year old girl and a 37 year old man can be healthy and he was like “wow, just say you think that young women are stupid and immature and go” and i just

swiftwidget replied to your postmmm, i might take a bit of a break from mha……..

I feel ya. I think we could all use some fluff (and dadmight pls gosh)

god i miss Dad Might

i miss Toshi interacting with the kids

i miss Inko 

i miss Dadzawa

i miss Torino

i miss all the positive parental figures having a role in the series

i miss the kids

i miss the kids just having fun and being kids and acting silly and things not being so life-and-death all the time

i miss just wanting to see the characters interact in small but meaningful ways

i miss the ‘characters weaving flower crowns into each other’s hair’ trope, esp with the kids and teachers

i means Inko showing up and being dorm mom

i miss Dad Might hugs

i miss the silly cute AUs with Grandpa Torino, Free For All AU, Toshinko AU, and silly snowball fight scenarios, or my Bakugou Hairstylist AU, or movie nights, or the kids spying on All Might and Inko….

was that all really a year ago…. were those really such simpler times….