mine: primeval new world

theamazingride  asked:

I have just picked up on what I think is the most amazing and sitting on the edge of your seat show which is primeval. And I'm only on series 2 but loving every moment. I was just wondering what the spin off show Primeval New World characters are?

Oh, you’ve got plenty more to enjoy, then! You lucky person!

(And welcome to the fandom - it’s always brilliant to see new fans find their way to this show!)

The spinoff show is set in Canada, and aside from one person from the original series making a few surprise appearances (I won’t say who in case you want to watch unspoiled), it’s a completely new set of characters. They are: Evan Cross, Dylan Weir, Mac Rendell, Toby Nance, Angelika Finch and Ken Leeds.

The spinoff received mixed reactions from fans of the original but personally, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it - I just wish it’d been renewed!