mine: pretty little

core four as ldr songs (from lana del ray, born to die, paradise, ultraviolence, honeymoon)
  • ezria: kill kill, lucky ones, bel air, old money, honeymoon
  • haleb: pawn shop blues, without you, american, brooklyn baby, freak
  • spoby: yayo, born to die, ride, ultraviolence, religion
  • emison: put me in a movie, lolita, blue velvet, shades of cool, terrence loves you

Gif source:  Emily

Imagine growing up with the liars and Emily has a huge crush on you and is easily flustered whenever you flirt or tease her.

——— Request for anon ———

There was hardly a time in your life that you couldn’t remember being friends with Aria, Spencer, Hannah, Alison, and Emily. You’d grown up with them and been close friends for as long as you’d known them. It was safe to say you knew just about everything about each other, the good and the bad.

That’s how you knew exactly how your flirting and teasing affected Em. Figuring out she had a crush on you didn’t take too long. You weren’t trying to be cruel, you just genuinely loved getting her flustered. So, yeah, you didn’t hesitate from brushing her hair from her face when it fell in her eyes as the two of you studied on her bed together, watching how she froze at your touch and a blush spread across her cheeks in amusement.

You feign innocence as you tuck it behind her ear, humming, “There. Now I can see your face!”

Sorry (my ignorance has struck again)

A/N: since my post debating whether or not I should do this generated a fair number of people saying they wanted me to do this, here you go. It’s what I think SHOULD HAVE happened in 7x18 between Spencer and Toby. Or something similar. If Kayson wrote PLL, here’s what it would be like. Semi-inspired by the songs “Sorry” by Halsey. Just a little. I thank you kindly in advance for reading and I hope you enjoy it :) ~K (P.S., I’m thinking of doing a part II. Not sure yet. Still thinking about it.)


Toby immediately smiled when he saw her standing at the door. His tone implied that he was glad to see her, but also not surprised. She smiled back. “Hi.”

“What are you doing here?”

She laughed a little. “You invited me, remember?”

She noticed a shift in his eyes. They became more relaxed, friendlier, even. “Oh, yeah. I did. Come in,” he said as he moved aside to let her in.

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