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(゚∀゚)☞ Some people got upset because i don’t let them to trace my art, so there it is, i have something for them (and some short tutorials too). Still, i’m don’t like reposts, make sure to ask me if you want to repost it. Anyways, if you use it and want to show me your art, feel free to.

totheowls  asked:

Hi there, I was wondering if you could give some tips on how to draw character body expressions because I can't seem to get it right, they always look like robots or unnatural abominations pretending to be humans. Also, your art is fantastic, on both of your blogs and I love it :)

Hi there! :D Ahh! Thank you so much! Usually when I go about approaching drawing a pose or expression, I start off with sketching in the gesture of the pose to make sure the pose or expression “flows” together. I try to make sure that the lines have a “rhythm” to them to help lead the eye around the pose, and give the pose life. In addition, keeping your drawings loose will also help to make the poses have more life, and maintain the energy of the pose. Here is a tutorial on how I tend to approach sketching :D I hope this helps!

Seestarsims-Holosimscollab Posepack!

Hello everyone here is my new posepack that i created for my collab with holosims on instagram! It comes with two group poses!

You will need Andrews Poseplayer and Teleport any sim mod

Please don’t re-upload or claim as yours!

If you enjoy them and use them on Instagram please tag me I would love to see it! ( Seestarsims on Instagram!)

SFS Download

anonymous asked:

I love your art!! but how do you make it look so fluid and natural? I'm an okay artist but all my characters look stiff, even if my form and proportions are right. thank you <3

Thank you so much! Here are some tips in making your drawings more fluid and natural!

- Understand the body and know how it works, draw a bunch of anatomy sketches, just keep on drawing the human body! We all need to start somewhere! :)

- Draw with your arm, not your hand. Movement from the arm creates great gestures and lines that radiate movement cause you have more room.

- Draw over your first sketch and improve upon.

- Don’t make the body symmetrical, it looks rigid and weird. Add a mix of curves and straight lines.

- Have a dominating line of action which guides the entire body, has a center of  weight. It creates more movement.

Gestures are really great in making your drawings more fluid because it’s so limited and you’re looking at the big picture itself instead of the tiny details. 

Good luck and best wishes to your art! Practice a lot and keep on drawing!