mine: plush

Hello friends, I’m desperate. ;-;

Does anyone have this Shikamaru Nara from Naruto plush, and would be willing to sell it to me?

I cant seem to find it online anywhere, and the sites I do manage to find it on, havent been updated in years. :s 

I’m having no luck, and the other Shika plush I have found online are usually hideous bootlegs, and if thats the only option I have, I’ll just make my own at some point. :o

Pleeeasee reblog if you can, so that I may find one of these </3

i was honestly going to make a joke about the giant microbes gangrene clostridium perfringens plush toy and how i never expected 2 see one of these but i went to the comments and

how could i make a joke about this….how could i ever be mean to the giant microbes gangrene clostridium perfringens plush toy after seeing how much he means to others

aaaaand here it is, the project that almost killed me ahahahaha. I knew Gabumon was going to be challenging, but boy was I not prepared for exactly how challenging he was gonna be! I am super proud of the results though  

Gabumon measures 25 inches from the top of his head to the ground. He is made out of minky and short toy faux fur. The stripes in his fur were all color blocked and took 8+ hours to sew alone. With the exception of his fingers, this plush is entirely machine sewn! His eyes are machine embroidered as usual. His ears are also wired.

Just the prototype for this plush took 3 weeks to perfect, and the final plush took another full week to build. Considering I make plushies full time that’s a pretty impressive timestamp on this big guy!