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Three Fears - Spencer Reid (drabble)

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“What are you so afraid of?” Spencer asked me as he watched me as intently as he was curious. His eyes were squinted, and I could tell he was looking for micro-expressions on my face. “You’re usually first one in, last one out in a case. You’re not afraid of heights, spiders, ants, ageing, flying…” He trailed off, continuing to list down a number of phobias.

“There are a lot of things I’m scared of, Spence,” I told him after a moment, gaining his attention once more. “They’re just not things you can see.” I walked to my bookshelf and gazed at the number of books I had collected over the years. All of them ranging from romance, to thriller, to Philosophy, to science. I was never one to stick to something. I was constantly changing.

“Like what?” He asked me. I crossed my arms, not knowing how to respond for a moment. I didn’t even know if I should. Spencer saw my hesitation and stated, “you can tell me anything.” His voice soft, and cracking just a little bit. I wondered if he was afraid of the same thing I was.

“I’ve spent my whole life trying to prove to people that I’m something,” I finally stated. I turned away from my books and faced him. His brown eyes watched me, which wasn’t something new. “I’ve spent my entire life trying to prove that I’m smart and that there’s more to me that meets the eye.”

“You are smart,” he assured me. I chuckled, shaking my head.

“No, Spence, I just read a lot,” I sighed. “You know, I have the memory of a goldfish. I can’t seem to make things stick to my head. AP Chemistry was exceedingly difficult because I’d forget concepts and equations in the blink of an eye. I tried writing them down, over and over and over again, but it didn’t seem to work. I tried to draw it, so I could think visually, but I couldn’t. I was decent, Spencer. I was a jack of all trades and a master of none.”

“That’s a good thing,” he told me.

“No,” I shook my head, “it really isn’t.” I sighed, looking around my apartment. “You know what it’s like not to have your thing? Not to have something comforting that you know you could do better than a lot of people? I never had that. I was just… decent.” Spencer’s gaze softened. “You’re a genius, Spence. An actual genius. You’re smart and you have this wonderful memory of yours, and I know it can be a curse at times, but, god, if I could have that—“ I cut myself off. “I don’t even remember what it was like to have a childhood because mine ended at seven.” I looked at Spencer, teary-eyed, and I saw something in him that told me that, while he didn’t know exactly what he was feeling, some sort of it was relatable.

“There you go,” I sighed, “that’s one of my fears: being average.”

“You’re not average.”

“I’m incredibly average, Spence, I just try my best not to show it,” I chuckled bitterly. “Another fear’s somewhere there too, in that little spiel. I hate not knowing. I’m scared of the unknown. Not in the sense I’m scared of what is unknown. I’m scared of the concept of it. I’m scared of not having answers because in most of my life, I couldn’t make sense of anything. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason. No answers.”

“What’s the other thing you’re scared of?” He asked after a moment. His voice was husky from being quiet for a longer time than he was used to. I sighed, walking toward him.

I walked beside him, but was facing the opposite way. He faced my bookshelves, and I faced my kitchen. I put my hand on his chest as I moved my head to look at him. His gaze stayed on my bookshelf before my eyes flickered down to my hand. I could feel his heartbeat, which relaxed me more than anything else ever could.

“I’m scared of falling,” I admitted. Spencer’s eyes furrowed, and in a swift movement, he turned his head toward me.

“Falling? Like, tripping over your feet falling? Falling off a building falling?”

I couldn’t help the fact the corners of my lips twitched upward wishfully. I wished that that was the kind of falling I was afraid of.

“No,” I answered, my voice barely above a whisper. “I’m scared of falling in more ways than one.”

My hand lingered for a moment more before I retracted it and looked away from him. “You should get back to Maeve, Spence,” I suggested. “I’ll see you at work tomorrow, okay?” I walked into my kitchen and I didn’t hear him respond for quite a while.

“Yeah,” I heard his voice reply slowly. He was so quiet that, if you hadn’t been listening or anticipating his reply, you wouldn’t be able to hear him at all. “Yeah. See you tomorrow.”

The next thing I heard was my front door shutting and I sighed, leaning against the sink. I wiped a single tear from my face before taking in a deep, shaky breath and went on with my night, starting with the dishes.


I usually try not to bash Marlene. Yes, I make fun of the lies she tells about the show, all the plot holes, etc. but I never wanted to be too rough and too personal.

But this, Ladies and Gentlemen is I. Marlene King in 2014 talking about crazy fan theories, basically saying that she STOLE the idea of A being Spencer’s Twin from a FAN THEORY. 

[Marlene’s part starts at 1:35]

A to Z (Fluff) - Spencer Reid

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A = Attractive what do they find attractive about the other?

He loves your hair, he likes to run his hands through it and braid it whenever he can and you like to do the same with him

B = Baby do they want a family? why/why not?

He’d be willing to have kids with you, but he’d be scared of being a father and he’d run his words together when he says “but what if I’m not a good dad? what if our kid will hate me? maybe-” you’d cut him off with a kiss and assure him that no one could ever hate a fluff ball like him

C = Cuddle how do they cuddle?

He loves being the little spoon. He’ll cuddle up against your side as you play with his hair. His cheek would be pressed up against your chest and the gentle sound of your heartbeat and steady breaths would calm him down and put a smile on his face.

D = Dates what are dates with them like?

He was so nervous when he first asked out on a date. He kept fidgeting and mumbling, but you got the idea. He likes taking you to the library or a cafe. Sometimes he’ll take you out to a fancy restaurant or go to the beach and have a picnic, but he loves movie marathons with you the most.

E = Everything you are my ____ (e.g my life, my world…)

“You are my world. The planet orbiting the sun, the stars swimming in the sky, the flowers kissing the grass. You’re all around me, and I love you.”

F = Feelings when did they know they were falling in love?

When you corrected him and outsmarted him in front of everyone. You took him by surprise and you left him with his mouth hanging open and dumbfounded. You giggled and kissed his cheek which made him blush in embarassment even more.

G = Gentle are they gentle? If so, how?

He’s super gentle with you. He holds you like your glass and could shatter at any moment. He treats you like you’re a rose that he wants to cherish forever and it makes your heart flutter.

H = Hand/Hold how do they like to hold? how do they like to hold hands?

HE LOVES HOLDING YOUR HAND. He loves the warm feeling of your hand in his. He’ll even ask to hold your hand sometimes. It’s the only exception of germ passing that he allows because he loves you so much. Your hand’s small and it first perfectly between the spaces between his fingers.

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throwback to that one time Spencer tried to drag Aleks into the ocean and Aleks turned into a fucking pro wrestler

Morphine You Moron ~Spencer Reid~

Summary: You and Spencer are kidnapped and you are tortured. 

Warnings: Explicit torturing and angst. 

Pairings: Spencer x Reader and a bit Platonic Derek x Reader. 

Author’s Note: 


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“You can kill me. You can torture me. You can rip me apart limb from limb. But for the love of God please don’t touch her.” Spencer’s voice echoed through the empty room. The man standing between you and him merely chuckling. 

You screamed out as another lash landed on your bare back. Your body arched forward, trying to pull as much away from it as possible, but your restraints kept you firmly in the same place. Your arms were tied above your head and your feet just touched the ground. 

Fifth day of hell. 

Spencer stiffened and pulled violently on the restraints that kept him station to a pole. 

“Please! Stop!” he screamed out. “Please. Please!” 

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