mine: pitch perfect


Just because you are making me very sexually confused does not mean that you are intimidating!


Why do I ship Lilly and Donald? I mean, just look at those screenshots.

The way she “shoots” (probably) him during the riff-off.

The way they interact on the bus
(and if this is not enough for you, watch deleted scenes) 

The way he smiles at her during final performance. He really does - Jesse is looking at Beca. but Donalds eyes are watching someone else, he is looking to the left - where, boom, Lilly is standing.

The way he came straight to her afterwards, just to congratulate her. I am sure he is talking to her, because she came off the stage as third person. 

These two need to be, or, already are, cannon. Watch movie so many times as I did and you will notice.

I am sure Donald and Lilly deserve a bigger fandom. Who´s with me? :3

“I set fires to feel joy.”

“That´s adorable.”


get to know me meme — [2/5] favorite movies » pitch perfect 

So, what’s your deal? Are you one of those girls who’s »all dark and mysterious, then she takes off her glasses and that amazingly scary ear spike and you realize that, you know, she was beautiful the whole time?