mine: phil x claire


Claire: What an amazing kid. I can’t believe I ever worried about him out in the world. It’s what I do though, isn’t it, I worry. I worry. I think about a tiny little thing and then, I obsess on it until suddenly, it’s the only thing I can think about. God Phil, please don’t let me screw up our son.
Phil: Hey, hey….you know why else he’s gonna be okay?
Claire: No.
Phil: Because somewhere out there is a worried little girl who’s making lists and labeling bins and…he’s gonna find her.

I have so many feelings right now. Phil is having a crisis as all his ducklings are abandoning the nest and he’s replacing them with actual ducklings. And omg the fact he said he wanted another child to Claire. K, give me a minute. Phil I want to hug you. All your babies leaving the nest and you’re replacing them with ducklings (and don’t even get me started on how you wanted another baby like for real I know he has always wanted a fourth Dunphy duckling)

I’ll see myself out now.