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I'm sorry hun! I should've explained who Phil Defranco is. He's a popular YouTuber who gives his commentary on controversial things, like news and such. Tbh I don't watch him myself, but a good friend of mine does and I'd overhear him listening to Phil's "fake woke" words of wisdoms. He defended PewDiePie's antisemetic/racist jokes. And just this morning I heard Defranco defend some microaggressions and it really made my blood boil, bc I suffer from microaggressions all the time. :( Lord help me


this is why im not really into youtubers in general


Hippo Deals With Anger Issues (Starring Phil DeFranco) by Animals With Low Self Esteem

I can’t stop laughing…



Podcast Thoughts

Arin talking about Youtube and the model behind it, like, just anything he talks about in general, because on Game Grumps he can be silly and come off stupid, but Arin is really intelligent and really thoughtful about what he says. I love hearing him discuss different topics that he is passionate and knowledgeable about.

He refers to Dan as his comedy partner ahhhh.

Arin actually has drunk alcohol before but it was just two shots of Jack Daniels when he was sick and he never felt the effects at all.

These fucking sex questions asking if he’s had sex in public/got caught having sex in public. (He hasn’t) but I am like DO I WANT TO KNOW?

Arin took fucking FISH MEDICINE before. Oh my God. He didn’t even Google it and just did it.

How passionate Arin is about the D-Club and like Korean spas and showing people his dick and seeing other people’s dick.

“When I work somewhere I always give it 100%” Ah, God, this man. He is such a passionate person, oh my God. He puts so much of himself into the things he does.

He was in a Mega Man RP Group. God, this angel.

Someone tweeted that they wanted to turn Arin into a cinnabun and glaze all over him and he’s into it. Of course he is. This goo-kink having mother fucker.

Arin’s biggest insecurity was/is his chin. GOD. He made all the chin jokes to have power over the situation.

The question about what he thinks about people jerking it to the Grump videos. Have people done that?? Do people do that??

I like that he was really candid with the Jon question and just was like “Yeah, for a while we didn’t talk, but now we do, so!”

THE FUCKING HAREM PANTS, GOD. He loves them so much but the drop crotch is so ugly. It looks like he is wearing a diaper oh my God. Will he ever abandon the harem pants??

I am so glad he talked about the bracelet he’s been wearing. Oh my God. The fact that he’s talking about the therapy retreat he went on and learning that his issue was not loving himself enough so his bracelet says ‘self-love’ to remind him to be kind to himself. Here come the FEELS. Here they are. Hitting me all at once. My feels.

Arin says he wouldn’t win in a fight because he is a weakling. Arin that is NOT loving yourself!!

Discussing how people pigeon-hold him as an animator. He doesn’t feel like an animator and it was never exactly his dream, he’s kind of all over the place. I love how he just wants to do and create and have his hands all over the place. It reminds me of how he said he doesn’t feel like he’s Egoraptor, he doesn’t identify as that kind of title.

Arin does not consider himself good at video games unless he practices the one game or a game he likes.

Arin talking about how his face is like half sunken in and his eye is like lower than the other. My child, my baby boy, don’t hurt yourself, don’t do that. SELF LOVE. Also I have never noticed this, do I need to study his face longer.