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Ok so the Persona 4 + Animal Crossing doodle up top here is probably the most popular thing I’ve ever posted to Tumblr, so I decided to take the core idea, add some polish, and put it on a shirt! 

You can buy ~ here ~ as a shirt or sticker!

You too can be the mayor of Inaba and spend all your time catching bugs and fish and ignoring your responsibilities


Persona 5

↳ "In today’s world there’s no shortage of people that are bored or discontent with their lives. They’re at a dead end, chained down to a world which they resent being a part. Persona 5, in that sense, is a game about freedom.”

“The characters…are out to destroy that which suffocates people in today’s society…"

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No te enamores de una persona curiosa. Querrá saber quién eres, de dónde vienes, cómo es tu familia. Mirará todas tus fotografías y leerá todos tus poemas. Vendrá a cenar y hablar con tu madre acerca de cómo su curiosidad le ha enseñado cosas muy útiles. Te pedirá que explotes cuando estás enojado y que llores cuando estás herido.Te preguntará qué significa esa ceja levantada. Querrá saber tu comida favorita, tu color favorito, tu persona favorita. Te preguntará por qué. Va a comprar esa que cámara te gustó, prestará atención a esa banda que amas en caso de que haya un show cerca, te llevará ese suéter al que le sonreíste una vez. Aprenderá a cocinar tus comidas favoritas. Los curiosos no se conforman con el exterior, desean el interior. Ellos quieren lo que te hace pesado, lo que te hace sentir incómodo, lo que te hace gritar de alegría , ira, y de angustia. Su piel se convertirá en páginas en las que aprenderás a derramar tu ser. No te enamores de una persona curiosa. No dejará un suspiro sin explicación. Querrá saber qué hizo exactamente, qué hizo para que la amaras. Año, mes, día, semana “¿A qué hora fue? ¿Qué dije? ¿Qué hice? ¿Cómo te sentiste? “ No te enamores de una persona curiosa, porque ha estado allí. Desabrochará tu camisa y leerá cada cicatriz, cada marca, cada curva. Explorará cada una de tus extremidades, cada órgano, cada pensamiento, cada ser. Si te arriesgas veras a que me refiero, y si no estas dispuesto a esto, mejor no dejes que su curiosidad se vuelva olvido…

Hisano Kuroda’s Persona, Hojo Masako

Hojo Masako was a real historical figure, not a mythological one.  She was the warrior wife of Minamoto no Yoritomo, the first shogun of the Kamakura period.  While a warrior in her own right, she is possibly best remembered for her later years; she outlived her husband and afterward shaved her head bald and became a nun.

So there’s some things in this design that harken back to the real Hojo Masako–the prayer beads are kind of a monk thing, and I think monks and nuns are pretty much the same thing.  At least, they are in my head.  While it’s hard to depict a helmeted/masked being as “bald” I specifically avoided any head ornamentation and tried to increase focus on her white dome to make it kinda look bald.

The scythe was something I really wanted to keep from the Shadow Hisano design, but scythes aren’t symbolically as prevalent in Japanese culture, so I went with giving her a scythe like naginata thing to both get that in there and reference the real Hojo Masako as a warrior.  The ragged clothing was taken from Shadow Hisano too, but I changed the color greatly because I didn’t want it to be too similar.

Now Hisano herself…  that picture of her with her Persona has to be pretty high on the “wut” factor.  Hojo Masako doesn’t seem like a support Persona at all, and really I didn’t worry about that too much.  Is the idea of that frail old woman fighting Shadows a little too absurd?  Yeah, but, eh, what the heck.  I really liked the juxtaposition of the rather rigid form of Hisano and the dynamic action pose of Hojo Masako.

Go here to compare to Shadow Hisano.


Ai Ebihara’s Persona, Ame no Uzume

You can probably tell by now I’m just doing them in the same order I did the Shadows in.

Ame no Uzume is the Shinto goddess of dawn and revelry.  She is most famously known for her role in getting the sun goddess, Amaterasu, to come out of her hiding place.  She did so by dancing atop a bathtub while stripping.  Apparently the other gods found this incredibly funny (they apparently have a strange definition of funny) and laughed a bunch, causing Amaterasu to come out of hiding to see what the commotion was.  At least, that’s the gist of it.

So yeah, from that legend I pulled the “stripper” look but wanted something classier looking so she looks more like a cabaret or burlesque dancer.  The fan hands were an idea I had really early on, but I struggled with the design briefly when I felt her just being a dancer was too boring.

The coat idea came from trying to pull from Ai’s own personality–she’s wealthy and at least wants to look like she has a high opinion of herself, so I wanted the Persona to look somewhat opulent.  It was a sudden burst of inspiration though, to make the coat look like her Shadow, that just suddenly put everything into place.  Like she’s supposed to look like she’s disrobing her former self.  That’s cool.

Ai herself has a chain because at first, I wanted to give her a whip, as I felt that really fit Ai’s personality, but decided against it when I remembered I had already used a whip on Yamano for some reason.  I still wanted something long and whip-like at least, and then I remembered reading about how early designs for the character that would eventually become Rise were originally of a fighting delinquent girl who wielded a chain, and thought, hey, that sounds kind of cool.  Maybe the chain seems too rough for Ai though, I’d think she’d be afraid of breaking on nail on that thing.  Oh well.

Go here to compare to Shadow Ai and see where she got that coat from.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Persona 4

I typed all of the Investigation Team + a bonus Labrys and Adachi.

I am fairly confident about the typing, having thought long and hard and done a lot of research to get the right type for every character.

Feel free to use the Banners as you please, just don’t claim credit for them.