mine: partners

I’m so fucking bored of doing nothing but casual conversation and slice-of-life threads all the time, but it doesn’t seem like most of my RP partners are interested in doing anything else, so they end up being the only interactions I get. I’d kill for some drama, some angst, some action, something dark… Hell, I don’t really like shipping and I’d even rather do THAT. Anything to get me out of this rut.

College season is upon us, I get it. People get busy. I get busy. I go quiet for days at a time because of lack of motivation or whatever. But if we plot for hours and you ask me to write a long starter, please show me the courtesy of at least a little message after you ghost for three weeks and then make a post saying you’re ‘rebooting your blog and dropping everything’. It’s just courtesy.

I HATE those cheesy, stupid ass Facebook posts that go something along the lines of:

“Marriage isn’t easy. Marriage is ugly, messy, it’s fighting over little things, it’s seeing the worst in someone, seeing them angry and impatient. But it’s also laughing until you cry, eating ice cream on the kitchen floor at 3 am, etc”

Like… COME ON!!!! What kind of heterosexual bullshit is this?!

Seriously, marriage shouldn’t be as fucking miserable as people (mostly hetero people) always make it out to be.

Sorry, but my husband and I are happy together, we genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and we have healthy communication so that we hardly ever fight? And when we do fight, we’re able to talk it out?? There’s nothing ugly, messy, or difficult with our marriage.

Idk, perpetuating that shit just grinds my gears.

I will never understand the normalization of being in miserable marriages.