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Business Call

Request// “Request; can you write a brendon x reader with a kitten kink and like 50 shades shit or like brendon is on the phone for a phone interview and reader is “distracting” him and i mean sucking his dick yea thats all”

(a/n) hell yes. Im doing the phone idea because fuck yEs. i also threw something else in there you guys might enjoy. Im also doing this instead of virtual school :) 

Word count: 2K

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I paced around my living room aimlessly searching for any activity to do. I checked my phone for the 224th time and then switched through the tv channels for the 432nd time. Still, nothing to do. Brendon was home but he was in his office waiting for a business call- something about his upcoming tour. Defeated, I sink into the couch and resort to counting out loud. After reaching 132 an idea pops into my head.

I sneak around the couch and tiptoe my way to Brendon’s office. I can hear him speaking faintly from down the hall and his door is slightly ajar so I could see him facing his desk with his back to me. Slowly opening the door, I creep towards Brendon who, thankfully, has his back to me. Once behind him, I run my hands down his chest and lightly nibble the ear that wasn’t occupied from the phone. Brendon inhales sharply and I notice a slight growth in his jeans.

“I missed you, Daddy,” I whisper to him.

Brendon stammers over his words while trying to ignore my presence. He tries to swat me off but that only fuels me to keep going. I break away from him and he sighs in relief. Keeping eye contact with the back of his head, I slowly lift my tank top over my head and release it, letting it pool at my feet. Soon after my jean shorts join them so I’m left in nothing but Brendon’s favorite lingerie set. I pick up my shirt from the floor and fling it over Brendon’s head so it lands right in front of him. I know he sees it because his sentence cuts off halfway through. A sigh escapes his lips as he slowly turns his office chair around to face me. His jaw drops once he notices what I’m wearing.

I see him mouth the word “fuck” as he scans my curves. I giggle as I do a little spin, showcasing how adorable I looked. As I face him once again I pull my bottom lip between my teeth to tease him. He covers his face and the drags it down to cover his mouth. He continues his conversation without breaking away from me.

“Daddy,” I whined.

His head jerks so our eyes meet.

I slowly begin to walk towards him and he leans back in his chair. “I want to play.” I lean over and slowly plant a kiss on Brendon’s cheek as my hand sneakily makes its way up his thigh. As I break away I lower myself onto my knees so my face is between his knees.

“You’re killing me, Kitten,” Brendon whispers holding the phone away from his mouth.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” I say while slowly rubbing my hands up and down his thighs. “We haven’t played in such a long,” My hand ghosts over his crotch as the singer’s breath hitches, “time.”

I gently squeeze my hand around his bulge and his body quivers under my touch. Guiding his hand to my breast I play with his belt buckle. Brendon lightly massages one of my breasts, alternating between the both as I pull his belt out of their loops and toss his belt to the side. While distracted by my breasts, I hook my fingers in the hoops of Brendon’s tight, black jeans as he lifts his hips to allow me to slide them off his body. More chatter escapes his mouth as he halfheartedly speaks with his agent.

I giggle as I gently paw Brendon through his thin boxers; he sucks air from between his teeth and his head tips back against the chair. “That’s so good, Kitten. You’re doing great,” He whispers from the back of his throat.

I slip my fingers under the elastic of his boxers and pull them down his thighs down to his ankles releasing him from the cage of the fabric. His member springs to say hello. Licking my lips, I look up at Brendon as his breathing grows deeper, anticipating what I will do next. He begins to softly pet my hair as I dip my head lower between his legs, licking up the bottom of Brendon’s shaft. As I slowly wrap my head around his tip Brendon’s fingers of his free hand twists in the hair on the back of my head, urging my head lower on him. I obey and slowly take more of him in my mouth. Grunts escape from the singer’s full lips as I begin to steadily bob my head, hollowing out my cheeks. I can hear the person on the other line asking Brendon if he’s alright.

“Oh, uh, yes of course,” Brendon stumbles over his words. I giggle– still with a mouthful of him—sending vibrations through his core. The singer’s jaw lazily opens as I bob my head faster around him, inserting him deeper down my throat with each stroke. Brendon’s grip on my hair tightens as his hips begin to buckle upward into my mouth. I place my hands on Brendon’s knees, bracing myself for his thrusts, but Brendon only swats them away and gives me a warning look. So, I obey him and place my hands on my knees, keeping them out of the way. As Brendon’s thrusts become faster and more forceful, my nails dig deeper into my thighs, leaving deep marks. The singer’s aggression only grows with every inch he gets deeper down my throat. Soon I’m basically deep throating him as I try to muffle my gags but end up failing. Noticing my struggles Brendon forces my head down as far as it can go and glues it to the spot. Holding the phone away from him, the singer whispers, “Now, I’m going to hold you here until you learn your lesson. Kitten does not disturb Daddy while he’s on a business call. That was extremely naughty of Kitten, wasn’t it?”

Unable to take a breath in, I quickly nod in agreement. “Has Kitten learned her lesson,” Brendon hisses.

I nod again, tears forming in my lash line. Brendon smirks and finally releases me. I gasp for air as Brendon chuckles but quickly brings my face back to his crotch. “Now, Kitten is going to finish what she started,” Brendon looks down at me with dark eyes.

“Yes, Daddy,” I reply. Brendon resumes his phone conversation as I wrap my lips around his tip once more. This time, I quickly pick up speed, running my tongue up his shaft as I bob my head. Small moans and gasps escape the singer’s lips. Unable to take all of him on my own I pump my hand on my bottom of him member to help get him off. Brendon’s free hand twists into my hair to keep my pace.

“Just like that, Kitten. Shit, I’m going to come,” Brendon whispers just low enough so the person on the other line can’t hear him. His eyelids fall to cover his puppy dog eyes and his head falls back. I pick up my pace and Brendon’s grip on my hair tightens, keeping him deep down my throat, before releasing completely in my mouth. He keeps my head there as he rides out his orgasm. When Brendon finally catches his breath, he allows me to pull off of him.

“Come again,” Brendon directs his attention back to his conversation.

“Don’t worry, Daddy. You will,” I giggle as I slowly stand up before him. I reach around my body and unhook my laced bra, letting the fabric slip off my shoulders and fall into my hand, exposing my breasts. Tossing the fabric into Brendon’s lap, I give him a smug smirk. He looks down at the bra that’s sitting in his lap and then to my body. Admiring my panties, Brendon slips the fingertips of his free hand under the thin fabric and plays with the hem. He pins the phone between his ear and his shoulder as his newly free hand help rip my panties down my body. With a gasp, I hold onto Brendon’s shoulder for support until the fabric drops to my ankles.

With a smirk, Brendon resumes his conversation, “Yeah, that looks really good.” Brendon licks his lip while his eyes eat at every curve and edge of my body. “Hey, I need to go do something I promised Dallon I would do so I’ll call you back.” Brendon quickly hangs up the phone and turns his attention back to me. “Face the desk,” he commands as he removes his black hoodie that covered his tanned torso.

I obey, swaying my hips as I make my way around his office chair and place myself between him and his computer screen, my backside exposed to him. His foot presses against my ankle, urging my legs open. “Fuck you’re so wet, Kitten,” he says in a low growl. His hand runs up my inner thigh, slowly creeping toward my core. “Let Daddy see more of you, Kitten,” he hums.

Knowing exactly what he wants I bend over, putting my weight again my forearms on the desk in front of me.

“Look at you. All wet and horny for me.” Brendon circles his fingers around my folds, teasing my entrance. His thumb presses against my sweet spot and a groan escapes my lips. I peer my head over my shoulder to get a view of Brendon. His dark eyes gawk at my entrance and he licks his lips.

“Please Daddy,” I wine, pressing my body towards him.

“Please what? Use your words, Kitten,” He breathes, continuing to slowly avoid my entrance.

“Please Daddy, I need to feel your fingers.” I give in.

Brendon smirks. “You want Daddy to finger fuck you for the little slut you are?” I nod my head furiously, craving his touch. “I don’t know if you deserve it; you were being very naughty while I was on the phone. I think you need to beg for my forgiveness,” Brendon announces.

“Daddy I need you to punish me. I need to feel your fingers inside me working me like no one else can,” I plead.

Brendon purrs. “You sound so beautiful begging me to please you like a little whore.” He finally enters a finger into my core. I moan pleasantly but my body still craves more. I try to push myself against Brendon’s fingers but he only moves at a slower pace.

“Please Daddy, more,” I whine, chewing on my bottom lip.

Brendon gives a dark chuckle as he slides another finger in me. I give a happy moan and his movements become faster. He begins curling his fingers deep inside me, brushing against my g spot. I gasp in response.

“I bet you taste so sweet right now, baby girl.” Brendon’s warm breath pools around my core, sending shivers up my spine. Without hesitation, the singer removes his fingers and presses his lips to my folds. His tongue runs up and down and I yelp at his touch. I reach between my body and the desk and begin to play with my sweet spot but Brendon swats my hand away. “If you’re going to come, it’s going to be by my hand,” He growls into my core.

Brendon circles my clit as his tongue works its way in and out of me. A warmth pools in the depth of my stomach and I can’t help but pant Brendon’s name. His fingers continue to pick up speed around my sensitive area as the warmth grows.

“Fuck, Daddy, I’m going to cum,” I hiss.

Brendon hums against me at the sight of my quivering at his touch. His pace shifts to become quicker and my knees begin to tremble under his movements. Suddenly the wave pulses through me as my back arches against Brendon’s face. The singer’s pace doesn’t slow down as he lets me ride out my high. Once he removes himself from my core I collapse into Brendon’s lap, breathing heavily. He chuckles as he wraps his arms around my waist to bring me closer- his bare chest pressed against my naked back. Our breathing synchronizes and we sit in a comfortable silence for a few moments.

“Go take a shower, Kitten. Daddy needs to finish that business call. And once I’m finished, I’ll be in there to punish you more for being such a bad girl,” the singer whispers into my ear.

I nod and make my way to the bathroom with a smile.