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“T’insegnerà a mangiare da solo, t’insegnerà a pedalare per la prima volta, t’insegnerà a saper essere un gentiluomo, o una gentildonna. Sarà presente alla tua prima partita, sarà presente quando per la prima volta t’innamorerai; t’insegnerà a portare la sua macchina, a comportarti da uomo, da padre, da buon amico. Ti consolerà quando ne avrai bisogno e ti dirà che sei la persona più bella di tutte. Ti accarezzerà quando la tua pelle sarà piena di graffi, ti bacerà la fronte quando stringerai i denti. Ti dirà che sei perfetto quando avrai un chilo in più, che sei forte anche se non hai raggiunto il tuo obbiettivo. T’insegnerà ad essere povero ma sempre onesto, t’insegnerà ad avere mani mai piene di grandi ricchezze ma che sempre profumano di dignità. Sarà al tuo fianco non appena di volterai, ti ricorderà anche quando non vivrà più.”

—  Auguri a tutti i papà.

WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE… not a production assistant.

If someone said to you “How would you like to do nothing for 16 hours and get paid?” You’d probably say “Hell yes! Show me the money baby!” If they said “How would you like to work on a TV show, do nothing for 16 hours and get paid?” You’d be even more excited, with visions of Hollywood glamour and delusions of meeting a famous actor, them falling in love with you, getting married, having a couple of kids, getting a nanny to look after them and living happily ever after for a year or two with your sugar daddy actor pimp and his millions…

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frenchtipbbys  asked:

Hiyyyaa i have a couple of question i wanted to ask:) Do you like being a p.a? How was p.a school? From a rate 1-10 how hard was p.a school? When your working what you usally do? Whats the nastiest thing you've seen being a p.a? Thanks! xxxx

1. Do you like being a PA?

There are the ups and downs but I think the mean overall consensus is that I love what I do and I love the life that I have.

2. How was PA school?


3. From a rate 1-10 how hard was PA school?

30. The most fitting and accurate analogy is drinking water from an exploding fire hydrant.

4. When you’re working, what [do] you usually do?

A typical clinic day usually involves:
- Examining and evaluating new and established patients in clinic.
- Performing knee and hip injections or aspirations.
- Removing staples or sutures for post-operative follow up patients.
- Refill prescription medications.
- Write physical therapy referrals
- In between seeing patients, find the time to answer messages and return calls.
- Discuss surgical options and their risks and benefits with patients
- Schedule patients for surgery
- Order pre-operative labs and diagnostic tests

A typical operating day usually involves:
- Being in the operating room before my attending to position, prep, and drape the patient.
- Help hold and retract during surgery.
- Help to close and apply sterile dressings. (Those pretty sutures on your knee or hip? That’s all me.)
- Help with tear down and transporting patient to the recovery room.
- Assessing and evaluating the patients immediately post-op.
- Answer and return patient calls. (The office staff will forward any important patient calls to my email)

5. What’s the nastiest thing you’ve seen being a PA?

Actually, the nastiest thing I’ve seen medically has not been as a PA but as a PA student. When I was working on my emergency medicine rotation out at the county hospital, there was a state prisoner that was transported to the hospital with an infected colostomy. As it turns out, he was pimping out his colostomy site for some “extra lovin”. So needless to say, he contracted an STD at his colostomy site. Apparently it’s a common thing. o_O??!!

anonymous asked:

Do doctors hate PAs? I'm planning to apply for PA school after I finish all my pre-requisites but all of the doctors I work with (I'm a medical assistant right now) wrinkle their noses when I talk about my plans. Note, I really like and respect my docs! So what is that all about?! Becoming a PA is something I really want to do but this puts a tiny dent in my enthusiasm..

Ugh, I hate this question. It never fails, whatever I answer, I get hate mail from someone. I’ve written some about my opinions about PAs here before, so I’ll just point you to those old posts.

So let’s avoid these big generalizations. Some doctors don’t like some PAs. Some PAs don’t like some doctors. All doctors do not love or hate all PAs, and vice versa.

I personally do not like one or two PAs/NPs I’ve encountered (and more doctors than that for sure), but I have really enjoyed working with quite a few more. 

I think some of the issues that the old guy doctors have with PAs (or NPs or nurses or office staff or anyone without an MD/DO for that matter) stem from episodes when they feel like PAs are overstepping their bounds. When old guys see PAs vying for more autonomy in practice without having to put in all the extra years of med school and residency, they feel like their territory is being threatened. 

Ask the doctors you work with what their opinions of PAs are, and why. Maybe they wrinkle their noses because they think it’s not the right choice for you. Maybe they do have some hidden animosity toward PAs. Find out what they think though. 

That being said, don’t let a few doctors’ opinions influence you away from a career that might be perfect for you. If you want to be a PA, be a kick-butt PA and show those old guys what awesomeness PAs are capable of.