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I just watched a french fry challenge on YouTube where you are blind folded and have to guess where different fries come from, and now I want an AU where Stiles is a vlogger who challenges Derek to the french fry challenge and if Derek loses, he has to go on a date with him. 

Despite being a french fry connoisseur, Stiles loses the game. He tries to play it casual, tries to be a good sport about it, but he’s actually just plain miserable that he won’t get the chance to take Derek out on that date and woo him. He knows it’s stupid but he just….really wanted the chance to prove to Derek he can be romantic and deserving of him and all that couply jazz. He wanted one setting where he didn’t have to be careful about flirting with Derek too obviously. One night where he could just look a him without feeling self conscious when Derek caught him and chalk it up to the “Stilinski date experience” or something equally as pathetic.  

Basically, he just wanted one night to know what it felt like to hold Derek Hale’s hand (if Derek would have even let him). 

Derek leaves and Stiles mopes for the rest of the day, trying not to feel sorry for himself and utterly, utterly heart broken. Again, stupid, but he’s been pining after Derek for years. He’s considering going to bed early when his door bell rings and standing there, dressed in a fancy cardigan with a bottle of wine and - several bags of….chicken based snacks? - is Derek, asking if he’s up for “another challenge”. 

Stiles loses again but it’s okay because the moment Derek wins, he turns to him and with a grin that can only be described as the love child of ‘shy’ and ‘shit eating’ (if that is even possible), he cups Stiles’ cheek and says, “I’m going to claim my prize now.” 

The kiss tastes like chicken and too much salt but Stiles doesn’t care because it’s the best kiss of his entire life and his stomach won’t quit doing somersaults.

That moment when you realise you told your parents you would study for your exams and it’s been 3 hours later and you’re still crying over your OTP.

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Okay but this thought came into my head &it won't go away but imagine Sterek(these idiots that I just LOVE)being best friends & Stiles has a huge crush &is trying to get over it by dating someone else and Derek being the truest bro that he is (yeah sure Derek that's it) comes up w a plan to pretend they're dating to get the guy jealous & ask stiles out (he's totally not trying to woo stiles w his romance skills nope nuh UH!) and Stiles is just like this is not helping but don't stop ever please

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE TROPES EVER. Especially when they are best friends because this possibly means years of pining. 

Stiles being certain he’s going to marry Derek from the age of six. He gets Claudia to pick out Batman china patterns with him that first day he comes home from school, yelling that he made a new friend WHO HATES JACKSON JUST AS MUCH!! 

Derek only realising he has “more than friends” feelings for Stiles when Stiles starts dating someone because, hey, what’s some other dude doing laughing at Stiles’ stupid jokes and why does THIS dude get to stare at Stiles like he’s the universe, that’s HIS job and - oh, wait. 

I’m really tempted to write a fic of this, if I can. I just love this kind of thing beyond words.

First Date ~ Derek Hale

Description: Sourwolf has a date with y/n

warnings: none

requested: @julieanncupcake

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As you pulled your y/c hair back into a ponytail You got a text from Derek saying he was outside. You picked your bag and slung it over your shoulder before taking a look at yourself in the mirror. You had to admit that you looked good. Derek had told you to dress casual. You wore an open plaid shirt with a white t shirt , black skinny jeans and navy converse. Your hair was pulled up into a high messy ponytail and your y/c eyes were accentuated with some light eyeshadow and eyeliner. You took a deep breath before leaving your house and locking up. Derek waved from his jeep.

“You look great y/n.” Derek smiled.”Thanks and so do you…as always.” you blushed. “Y/n calm down I can smell your nervousness from here.” he chuckled. “Well it’s my first date”you laughed.”How sad is that? I’m 23 and I’ve never been on a proper date or been kissed before !” you exclaimed. “Oh c’mon you’re saying no one knew  what a catch you are? I’m not buying it.” Derek laughed. “The struggle is real.” you playfully sighed as Derek pulled up to the top of the woods.”Hold on!” Derek said jumping out of the car to open out your door offering a hand. “ Ever the gentleman Hale!”you smiled. “I try y/n”

“The stars look beautiful from here.” you breathed sitting on the car looking over at Derek. “My mother used to tell me that the stars would always be there to bring me peace.She told us that when we see the stars we should be reminded to appreciate the simple things in life.” Derek smiled,reminiscent. “After the fire this was thing that calmed me down.””She seemed liked a smart woman”you smiled taking his hand in yours as he smiled at you.”I used to think they were lost golf balls” you giggled.”How do you have a PHD?!″  Derek said nudging you playfully. You and him sat in comfortable silence just listening to the whispers of the wind and rustling of the leaves.

“Hey Derek? How about we walk back to my house?” you suggest. “Sure! It’s a nice night. It would be a shame to waste it.” he smiled.”I think what you’re doing for Scott is great.He’s lucky to have you.He might not appreciate you know but trust me,he will soon.” you say gazing up at him.”Kid has a bright future and lots of potential;he’s gonna be a great alpha someday.”Derek says proudly..

“Well,this is me.”you say as you get to your house.” I hope we can do this again y/n.I mean it.”Derek said looking down at you blushing..”Derek….can I kiss you?” you asked nervously.”I mean you don’t have t-” you start to say but your cut off as Derek lips press against yours in a soft deep kiss.You stand on your toes and and wrap your arms around his broad shoulders before breaking off the kiss. “ Tomorrow 8 o’clock. Dinner at mine. Don’t be late Hale!” you smiled as you turned around to go inside.

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It’s only later, when Stiles is lying in bed and staring at his ceiling, that he thinks: of course. Of course Derek Hale is pure of heart.


A unicorn thinks Derek deserves nice things.

Now on AO3 as promised!!  Small unicorn fic.

Stiles and Derek go swimming
  • Derek: I'm so happy you convinced me to go swimming!
  • Stiles: *Whips out penis* Do you need a noodle?
  • Derek: *Drowns self*
when you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs

I’m not totally sure what to work on next, so why not - I like these writing memes. Have some random stuff from my WIPs folder.

1. From the first fic I started after writing Bricks. It’s 47k, a little over halfway done, and will probably never be finished because it’s a college AU and that feels a little repetitive after PDIW. (In this one, Derek’s a cardigans-and-glasses wearing grad student and Stiles is an undergrad doing a study on The Science of Love.)

“You don’t have to tell me,” Derek said, the kindness and understanding in his eyes almost overwhelming. 

His glasses were neatly folded and set to the side of the table, and there were little dents on either side of his nose that Stiles wanted to trace with his fingers. Maybe kiss, very gently, if Derek would let him. 

2. A little canon-divergent ficlet I started writing about Stiles coming to Derek’s loft whenever he had nightmares and couldn’t sleep.

Derek closed his eyes and drifted on the edges of sleep, letting the darkness ebb and flow to the sound of the contents of Stiles’s pockets clinking, the zip of his hoodie, then of his jeans, as he let each fall to the floor.

Another moment, a soft breath of empty air, a hesitation that grew a little shorter each time, and Stiles was clambering into bed, his knees knocking Derek in the shins, his fingers digging into Derek’s ribs as he tumbled over him.

“Ow,” Derek said, out of habit.

3. Cora’s friend Stiles was an absolute menace when he and Derek were younger. Now that Derek’s in college, there’s absolutely no way he’s letting Stiles stay in his dorm room during a campus tour.

Stiles had taken one look at Derek’s face, dropped the damaged keyboard with a squeaky yelp, and dove under the bed. Unfortunately, Derek’s mom had come upstairs while Derek was dragging Stiles out by his ankles.

To be fair, Stiles had crammed wadded up dollar bills under Derek’s pointedly closed bedroom door every time he came over for the next year, but Derek had never forgiven him.

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Sterek as fishermen or sailors; anything on a boat really.

Here you go. - Anastasia

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This fan art.

the fisherman and the fabulous creature by Siriusstuff

(1/1 I 2,184 I General)

Stiles is a lucky fisherman.

(As Long as I’m a Sailor) On the Sea by GeeGollyWiz13 for Kawaiicoyote

(1/1 I 2,498 I Teen)

The Dread Pirate Derek has finally been captured, and brought ashore in the Port of Beacon Hills. Stiles, the son of the local Sheriff, is tasked in watching over him. He is annoying, talkative, and unnaturally pretty.

Derek almost wishes he was able to go down with his ship…. Almost.

Not Quite A Siren, But Something Like That by lapsus_calami

(1/1 I 2,891 I General)

There’s a sea creature stealing all of Derek’s stuff. For some reason he finds that more endearing than annoying.

Fish Don’t Have Legs by MadnessofVoid

(1/1 I 8,934 I Teen)

Finally, the net broke. Derek sighed with relief, rising to his feet and grunting at how stiff he felt. The boy continued to sit there a moment longer, staring still. Derek was about to attempt interrogating this boy again when he saw something that about made him check in to a mental hospital.

Instead of legs…there was a glistening, blinding, orange tail.

A fucking tail!


Derek is a reluctant fisherman in order to pay off his parents’ debt and he caught one hell of a, well, catch 

I’m Not Going to Let You Go Down (With the Ship) by tryslora

(1/1 I 25,421 I Mature)

Stiles just wants to get through his greenhorn crab fishing season on the Spark alive, and prove to his dad that he has great potential to become his second in command. He thinks it’s going to be easy, until fist fights, old enemies, new friends, and the unexpected appearance of a very hot dude complicate things. A lot.

“Come on, big guy, you have to come out sooner or later,” Stiles was begging at this point. Was it ironic that the human in this situation was the one begging for attention? Probably. Will Stiles mention that to Derek? No, because he values keeping his face intact.

For all his placation and begging, all he gets is a solid huff from the wolf currently hogging all of his bedding.

He had come home like any other day, dropping his backpack with a much too heavy thud when he had found the wolf sized lump curled on his bed. He had to admit, the first few times this had happened - he cooed and ‘ahh’ed at the werewolf who had taken to finding comfort in the ode de Stilinski. Now? Not so much. 

Sure, Stiles’ heart melted every time he witnessed Derek’s in full shift and tried not to break the magic of how much more tactile the man became when less hindered by his human shape. But this was the third time this week Stiles would be remaking his bed for non-jizz related reasons and that shit took effort. Not even being chased by monsters winded him quite as much as getting a fitted sheet on his mattress did.

“Der, you can’t just hide in my covers forever.”

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Hey I'm looking for a fic. Stiles has wings in it and it's set suring the time that the alpha pack is there. Cora remembers stiles from when he helped her during the hale fire. I can't seem to find it anywhere!"

Is it this one?

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The Concept Of Grace by demonicweirdo

(3/3 I 20,232 I Teen I Sterek)

There was a small part of him, tucked away in a self-deprecating corner of his mind, that refused to believe Stiles was anything other than a figment of Derek’s imagination.

Derek dismissed the notion whenever it rose, because his imagination had never been vivid enough to conjure up something as pure and light as an angel. Never vivid enough to conjure up Stiles.