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Damm god this is so hot!

When unexpected smut occurs
  • Me: *reads summery of a fanfic*
  • Me: *clicks fanfic*
  • First line of fanfic: PORN. PORN. PORN.
  • Me: Woah, so soon I didn't know. But doesn't mean I don't like.
  • Me: *Continues reading like nothing happened*

Was stalking through JR’s Instagram and found this picture. All I could think about was how this is literally all the guys I ship Stiles with, like it was a ‘Stiles’ Daddies night out’ or smth

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( people responsible for this: lingeringfears, hoechlinteeth & sinyhale )

Derek has had the sun in his eyes for hours, lying sprawled out on his stomach in the center of the big bed, swaying right on the edge of awake and asleep. It’s the sound of light feet padding across the floor that finally drifts him back to the surface of consciousness, giving him a few seconds to remember what year it is before the mattress dips down by his ankles.

“Daddy,” comes a smooth voice, which manages to reach him despite the barrier of sleep. Derek likes to think it’d reach him through anything.

“Mmh,” is his response, forcing half an eye open.

He shifts with a heavy sigh, watching his son crawl up the bed towards him. Once he’s at eye-level with Derek, he simply flops down on his side, resting his little head on the big pillow. What little hair he’s got is in total disarray, standing out in all directions, and Derek lazily reaches out to smooth it out the best he can.

“Are you awake?”

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I don’t know what Stiles tells Derek in the second image that makes him laugh so much, but if anyone finds out please tell me! (I just wanted to draw them together and happy and take revenge and this happened) 

I blame for this at some devilish photo to which I was staring for too long and suffer for it. Haha I f*cking win, devilish photo!

Can someone pls write me a sterek fic where Derek is Danny Zuko and Stiles as a guy version of Sandy Olsen but still apart of The Pink Ladies, with like Lydia (who would be Rizzo ofcourse) Allison, Kira (Frenchy) and idk, maybe Danny or Scott, and the T-Birds are like Derek, Boyd, Isaac, and Erica, idgaf if they’re still supernatural, but I just think it’d be amazing. And also Derek in the outfit with his hair back smoking????? Fucking hot.