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My Awkward Babies 8/??


#something about the fact that they both remember this time so well really messes me up #that even though they were apart from their family they appreciated the time they had together #they places they visited #the things they did #because they never really had that before #and even though it wasn’t real #it was still theirs #and those memories are still something to cherish

  • Rumple: aha! I am locking Belle up. She'll be in love with me again in no time.
  • Charming: wait what?!
  • Hook: is that your actual strategy?!
  • Rumple: oh come on
  • Rumple: it worked for you two
  • Rumple: caught in a net
  • Rumple: locked in a dungeon
  • Rumple: that's how you true love, right?
  • Charming:
  • Hook:
  • Charming: I don't think you've quite got the hang of this yet... you've locked her up loads of times, but she needs to hit you over the head first, really
  • Hook: aye, or handcuff you to something
  • Charming: or like at least seriously threaten you
  • Hook: ooooh yes
  • Hook: better yet, skip the locking up and the hitting, just give her a pair of handcuffs
  • Hook: trust me, you'll have way more fun
  • Charming:
  • Rumple:
  • Hook: what?
  • Snow: oh no! There's a new villain!
  • Emma: what? who?
  • Snow: I don't know, but he's pretty hot actually. He's got long dark hair and he's dressed all in black and he's got a parrot on his shoulder
  • Henry: ooooh, like a real pirate?
  • Hook: what do you mean REAL pirate?!
  • Charming: what do you mean pretty hot??!!
  • Emma: wait... long dark hair... parrot... like Jafar?
  • Hook: what do you mean "Jafar"
  • Hook: do you know him
  • Hook: Swan
  • Hook: are you telling me there's another sinfully attractive pirate around here and you KNOW him
  • Hook: because I do not like that thought at all whatsoever
  • Charming: agreed. This calls for drastic measures, mate
  • Hook: aye. You get the poison and the bear trap, I'll get the dynamite