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Black and Red Surcoat Evil Queen Custom Funko

This is a complicated repaint and partial resculpting of the Maeve funko from Westward into one of my favorite EQ looks.  I’ve carved away her skirt and added some clay shoulder details.  Repainted her face and took the pink flowers in her hair and made them into black and white pearl flowers.  Also for some reason this funko was tippy because the legs weren’t even so I gave one foot a clay lift to make it so she’d actually stand.  The back of her skirt is gloss black while the top of her coat is done with black glitter.  The wine goblet is original to the funko but I think works for the EQ.

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.  

Soft Side- A Killian Jones and Henry Mills One-Shot

Title: Soft Side
Request: Can I please have a Peter Pan imagine where Peter and the reader dated a long time ago but she left him for Hook and Hook brings her back to NeverLand to rescue Henry and She sees that he’s upset about something and she comforts him and they become friends. Sorry it’s kinda confusing thanks!
Pairing: Hook x Reader x Henry Mills

Y/N had always had nightmares of Neverland, even after she left the island.
It had been years since she had been there, years since she had loved its leader Peter Pan.
Now, living in Storybrooke with her new love Hook, she found herself heading back to that hell.
She was going with Hook and some other people from the town to rescue Henry Mills, the son of Emma Swan.
“Is it bad that I’m terrified to go back?” Y/N asked Hook.
“No. I would be if I were you.” Hook responded, “You had a lot happen there. So did I for that matter.”
Emma walked up to them, “So what’s our plan?”
“We don’t have one.” Y/N responded.
“I had an idea.” David, Henry’s grandfather, interrupted.
“What’s the idea?” Hook asked.
“Y/N, you dated Peter right?” David asked, “You can suck up to his soft side. We can get Henry.”
“I can’t do that.” Y/N sighed, “Peter’s a demon on two legs.”
“Y/N please, it may be our only choice.” Emma begged.
Y/N sighed, “Ok. Fine.”
“It’ll be ok.” Hook said, putting his arm around her, “We’re all here for you.”

Finally on Neverland, Hook and Y/N took the lead of taking the gang onto the island.
They found their way to Peter’s base camp, and memories flooded back to Y/N.
“You alright love?” Hook asked her, noticing a change in her.
Y/N nodded, “Yea. It’s just weird to be back here.”
“You ready Y/N?” Emma asked.
Y/N nodded, and walked into the camp alone.
“You got this, I love you.” Hook whispered to her.
Y/N called out for Peter in the camp, “Peter?”
He came walking out of one tent, “Y/N?”
“Hey.” Y/N responded.
“I thought I’d never see you again.” Peter chuckled.
“I’m not here for you.” Y/N responded, “Peter, you need to let Henry go.”
“Oh.” Peter sighed, “That’s why you’re here. That’s not going to happen.”
“Remember when we were together? You loved me. You probably still do. When we were together you wanted to be a good person, but you went back to your old ways.” Y/N said, “Try to become that good person you once wanted to be and let Henry go.”
“Do you still love me?” Peter asked.
“I’ve moved on.” Y/N responded, “But you can change my opinion on you by doing the right thing.”
Peter really had feelings for Y/N still, but didn’t know what to do, “I don’t know…”
Y/N put her hand on his arm, “Yes you do.”
“Come here, I’ll show him to you.” Peter responded.
Peter still believed Y/N had come to the island alone, and showed her Henry.
Inside a tent, Peter left Y/N alone with Henry.
“Get out of here.” Henry said quietly.
“What? I’m here to save you.” Y/N responded.
“No just get out before he hurts you.” Henry added.
Y/N shook her head, “He won’t hurt me, or you. Don’t be afraid.”
“Are you giong to get me out of here then?” Henry asked.
“I am.” Y/N smiled, “And I have a plan.”
She saw how upset and scared Henry looked, and knew the only way to get him free was to give into Peter’s desires.
“Here’s the plan.” Y/N smiled, “I’m going to untie you, and you go out the back of the tent. Watch me. When I kiss Peter, you run! Your mother is here and she’ll get you.”
“Thank you!” Henry smiled back.
“You’re welcome.” Y/N said, untying him.

Y/N left the tent, and went over to Peter.
Henry was watching from the trees.
Y/N turned Peter around, and kissed him.
Henry ran as fast as he could to the other side of the camp and into Emma’s arms.
Emma, Henry, and the rest of the gang ran back to Hook’s ship.
Hook stayed to wait for Y/N.
After the kiss, Y/N said, “I know you’ll never be a good person. I shouldn’t have even tried. Bye Peter.”
Peter smirked, “You should have known that. I’ll get over you. Even though that kiss was…amazing.”
“Think of me in your dreams.” Y/N said.
Peter nodded, “Go home, ass hole, before I get mad.”
Peter thought he had won, when he really didn’t.
Y/N walked back into the forest, and met Hook there.
“You had to kiss him?” Hook asked.
“You know I love you.” Y/N giggled, as they walked back to his ship.

Back at the Jolly Roger, everyone was leaving Neverland.
“Thank you again Y/N.” Henry told her.
“You’re welcome. You’re a good kid, you didn’t deserve to be there.” Y/N responded.
Hook put his arm around her, “Let’s all go home.”




Family dinner 💚
All my ships are happy

Snowing have each other and both their children👑❄

Captain Swan are happy and neither of them have to be alone, not any more. Killian will also be a brilliant stepfather.⛵

Henry’s grown up to be a fine young man👨

Regina has had major character development and I ship her with Robin. He’s the one taking the picture 😉🏹🍎

Rumbelle are freakin’ happy. They have a child together and Rumplestiltskin has a second chance to be a papa.📚

I get warm fuzzies when my ships are happy, especially with how much they’ve all had to deal with💚

@ouatfanfan said: I wasn’t being funny. And I looked into the original. Seems to me there is one big difference that I was wanting to read about. The OPs was about a catholic priest going against his vows in a smut fic. The second story was an Anglican priest that wanted to enter into a courtship but was respecting HIS vows enough to wait until it was proper. Completely different in my perspective. Not that I don’t like smut fics or that I couldn’t like OPs story but I found the idea of seeing courtship not smut. To be more appealing in this case. I’ve seen enough smutty priest Killian fics. That Anglican twist and courtship was intriguing.

That actually wasn’t the biggest difference. As clearly indicated by the anon message I received, there was a similar use of music as a theme. If you’ve read Take Me To Church you’ll know I use music heavily in it, particularly in relation to Father Jones. The songs he’s listening to are not just willy nilly thrown in there to show my love of 80′s rock (which is strong), but tie directly into whatever he was going through at the time. 

There was also the fact that Emma was given the same background with Walsh as in TMTC, as well as Killian being a runner and one third party came to me mentioning that a pictures of a fireplace mantle scene instantly reminded her of a similar one in TMTC. Not to mention Emma worked for him.

Separately none of those things would have been a problem. I don’t own the rights to music being used as a theme, Walsh cheating on Emma, her working at a church, Killian being a runner, or family pictures being on a fireplace. But when you combine them in a Priest Killian story - you’ve got a problem. Same way if someone took the idea of a famous Killian and Emma pretending to date and had this large theme of Emma baking cupcakes throughout like Nowforruin​ did in The Trouble With Faking It. Themes are just as important to a fic as an overall plot.

It goes beyond that though, and I explained that in my original post and won’t be repeating myself. 

I’m glad you found it intriguing and maybe an original idea for it will along that you’ll be able to read, but I will not apologise for protecting my work in any shape or form.