mine: ouat


Transport between the worlds was possible again, all I needed was a magic bean. Those are not easy to come by. They are if you’ve got something of value to trade. And what was that? Why the Jolly Roger of course. You traded your ship for me? Aye. 

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, @shadiestfairyaround! I hope you enjoy your gift as you love the Captain Swan Movie (who doesn’t?!) very much ♥ - Love, your CSSV 


#you can’t close a chapter on this show without one last hope speech from Snow White

“This isn’t the end. I mean, maybe of this book, but it isn’t ‘the end’ end. Now we get to see what’s next. 

Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing, but living with that kind of belief? That’s the most powerful thing of all. That’s hope.

So you ask, what now? Now we get to keep going on. We get to keep doing what we love. With the people we love. An ending isn’t happiness. Being together is.”