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“Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my door closing oh so gently.”

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Holy crap are you going to/have you watched the new sherlock episode? (I'm just asking if u have or not 😅)btw I found it bloody aweosme and there were aloy of plot twists that's all I say.

Aaaah I have not yet! While the PSU was down on my main computer this week I kind of binged on Pokemon Sun, since I’ve had it for ages but haven’t played it. Boy people weren’t lying when they said the story was a step up from other Pokemon games. Also it is hilarious at times, I don’t think I’ve ever actually LOL’d at a Pokemon game before, but man some of the jokes and timing in this one are ON POINT.

It’s kind of funny because the story takes itself pretty seriously for the most part, but sometimes it calls out its own tropes or all but breaks the 4th wall. And when that happens it catches you so off guard you have to laugh. It’s also often character-based humor, as opposed to puns or gags. It’s just SOOO GOOD MAN.


“My legs were being pulled in all sorts of directions and suddenly there was a huge rip in the crotch of my trousers.” -Ryan Gage

when people call Rachel Dolezal a “transracial hero” but say that Caitlyn Jenner “isn’t a real woman”