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Introducing OB Crack: Art Attacks! (1/?)

What happens when you put an artist, a hilarious crack video editor and a writer together? This. This is a collab project between myself, obcrack & cheeky-geek-m0nkey that will feature ridiculous mini comics, animations / videos, and Clone Club shenanigans for your enjoyment. We might also be collaborating with the obspec team & more fabulous minds in the future to make the most ridiculously scripted shit you’ve ever seen.

This is a test comic to see if Clone Club would like more of this silliness. So if ya dig it, reblog it! Also, send us prompts or ideas for future comics, we’ll keep track of them and make it happen! Xx

San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner, and last year we brought all of you with us… by displaying your art on our jumbo-sized video cube! We’d like to do the same this year, but we need your help. 

If you have fanart from Orphan Black or season 8 of Doctor Who, we’d like you to submit it to us for a chance to see it at the convention!

Here’s how to submit-

1. If you have fanart from Orphan Black or Doctor Who Season 8, save it at its highest resolution, under 9MB (otherwise we won’t receive it), as a JPEG or TIFF file.
2. Send it to artsubmission@bbcamerica.com and include your Tumblr username.
3. If your artwork is chosen to be featured, we’ll respond with a release form for you to sign and send back to us. 

Deadline for submissions: June 12th, 12PM EST

And don’t worry- you still have ownership of your artwork if you submit it to us and will only be giving us permission to display it. We can’t wait to see what everyone sends us!

Due to the volume of submissions we’re accepting up to 3 pieces of artwork per person, please send each one as a separate e-mail.