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Luffy x Nami interactions

I’m gathering all of the Luffy and Nami interactions trough out the manga to try and see how their relationship changed and…well…. because i Love them both hahaha. This is part 1

1) First meeting. Luffy falls out of the sky and Nami immediately takes a chance to pretend she Knows him.

2) Nami is impressed by his strenght

3) Introduction time. Luffy refuses to join her, but she doesn’t want to let him go that easy.

4) Nami wonders what’s in his hat that’s so precious (looks like she is the girl who only values jewels and money.)

5) Luffy gets on her nerves, lol

6) But she still reveals him her goal

6) After she finds out he’s a pirate…

7) She gets visibly upset and disappointed

8) Then Luffy tells her about his hat. Nami seems to understand, but can’t get past the fact that he’s a pirate, for obvious reasons.

9) She shouts out her preferences to him. lmao. 

10) Then she decides to use him.

11) She ties him up and presents him to Buggy. Luffy is not amused.

12) He decides to Not let her be part of his crew.

So basically, their relationship did Not start on very good terms. Let’s see where it goes from here. :)


Pippa: She looks at the little bat… this is difficult. “I mean, you’re like a bat, ay? You kinda, ain’t gonna need money… Right?” Taking money is bad, but taking money from a little CUTE bat… Shameless.