mine: once upon a time . text


once upon a time au: zelena kidnaps neal after snow gives birth to him and enacts her spell. only, time travel really is impossible, and instead she ends up taking both of them through a portal and to a different world. a world where neal grows up in the blink of a storybrooke eye, and when he returns emma realizes her little brother is no longer quite so little. and also a badass dino-wrangler.

I was re-watching the finale and I noticed this, guys, the only three persons that were there when the apprentice talked about Merlin, and asked them to find him were Emma, Henry and Killian, and I honestly believe this wasn’t just random because it could have been Charming and Henry or whoever; so I’m really into the theory in which Emma is in Camelot, so now is Killian’s and Henry’s job to go and look for her and Merlin, so he can help Emma take the darkness out of her.

So we’re going to have a lot of Captain Cobra in next season and I’m really really into that.