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Dangerous Liaisons - Arrow Music Notes 5x19

Arrow is back after a hiatus with great (and slightly painful) conflict between Helix and Argus, putting Felicity at odds with Lyla and Team Arrow in her pursuit to find Adrian Chase no matter the cost.  Meanwhile, Captain Lance tries to help Rene see how important it is to be present in his daughter’s life.

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Everyone is after Chase now: ARGUS, the SCPD, Team Arrow, and the mayor’s office with little success.  Felicity is frustrated at Helix and Alena “suggests”  hacking into ARGUS’ files to see what they know.  As Felicity does this, the Helix strings (5x16) play accompanied by a repeating electronic sound (reflecting the computers and a questionable organization) and electronic percussion.  The beats continues through the ARGUS agent dying via elevator and a darker version of the Helix theme (no rests or fun counter-melody) plays as Alena is revealed to be the one responsible.

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anonymous asked:

Hey so I have a random question for you... although I obviously hope that Arrow will continue for many seasons. But what do you think the perfect ending would be?

Okay so I actually jumped the queue on this one because I just had to answer this.


Okay so I might get some hate for this, but for me the best ending to Arrow wouldn’t be Oliver carrying on being the Green Arrow.

Now I know some people would freak out over this, but I don’t think that Oliver Queen would continue being the Arrow until his old age.

For me, the best ending to Arrow would be for Oliver to find an apprentice. Someone who he trained for a couple seasons, someone who had his own superhero identity.

And then, when Oliver knows his apprentice is ready. When all his demons are behind him.

Oliver would fold up his suit, and leave it in the foundry for the apprentice to find. With a note saying something along the lines of “Use it well.”

I think Oliver Queen would want the Green Arrow to continue.

I think Oliver Queen it’s about the spirit not the the person behind the mask.

He would want the Arrow to continue.

So yeah, I think he would pass on the suit. Pass on the legend.

And then take Felicity’s hand and never look back.

Also, nothing would make me happier than for the last scene to be an elderly Oliver and Felicity Queen watching TV when the news comes on.

And the headline is, “Green Arrow saves the day again.”


I don’t know where this came from or how I thought of this but somehow I did.

Anyway, I have been getting a bunch of personal questions like this lately and I just wanted to say that you guys can ask them if you want :)