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“This Train Is Bound For Glory” 

Mumford & Sons || Edward Sharpe || Old Crow Medicine Show

Whiskey and the Road

Old Crow Medicine Show- Sweet Amarillo

Characters: Dean Winchester, The Girl that Got Away, some Sam Winchester

Prompt: Song fic challenge for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing :Sweet Amarillo by Old Crow Medicine Show, which I have never heard of and had a freak out until the hubster reminded me the Winchesters travel the Midwest and country roads like all the time.  So I took a breath, listened, and wrote this.  Enjoy.

Word Count: So Many. Cue Westy.

Warnings: Cursing?  A couple of Fucks.  Mention of cutting veins.   No blood. No death.  Just a song haunting Dean. 

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