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The White Wolf: A Voltron/OKami Crossover

Hey, you all remember my post about a crossover between Voltron and Okami.  I wrote it and I have no regrets.

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Title: The White Wolf

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender/Okami

Characters: Shiro, Hunk, Keith, Lance, Pidge and Ammy

Summary: When team Voltron explores an old abandoned temple, Shiro finds the last thing he ever expected to find there.

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My body is ready.
40 pounds and ready for pre order May 2nd. $675 for a regular model or $725 for the exclusive ( DONT FREAK OUT YET. They have a 10 month payment plan where you will pay aprox $65 a month only. Now that’s more affordable for the average person!) where she has a rotating base and LED that lights up her flames and an exclusive white cap.
Brought to you by First 4 Figures, please look them up, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. This was just announced this morning. Next to the bust is a previous Ammy they’ve made and they just announced they will be making a Shiranui as well! I highly suggest for all Okami fans to check them out because us fans desperately need some quality Okami merch since there isn’t much out there for this wonderful yet under appreciated game


Okami by Clover Studio

Genre(s): Action, Adventure
Playable Animal(s): Wolf, Dog
Platform(s): PS2, PS3, Wii
Features: Singleplayer, combat, motion control, gesture system, platforming, puzzles, story-driven, side-quests, sumi-e visual style

“You possess the power of a god, but face the world in the form of the wolf. You have the power to create and destroy. Faced with your greatest challenge, to restore order and beauty to a world laid barren by evil, you must overcome the odds against you.”