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Get to know me: [1/5] anime series → Ouran Highschool Host Club



Ouran HighSchool Host Club iPhone 5 Backgrounds ( more anime background )

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(HELLOOO BEING ADVENTUROUS ISH??? since i kind of felt like it. let me know what y'all think of it [p.s. yes i know i’m really really bad at graphic design i’m sorry i tried])

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Domestic Meme: Hikaharu

Ok, so I got *three* requests for Hikaru/Haruhi, so here you go emarled14 and gamergirl787 and the other person who I forgot to tag before deleting the ask (sorry!).

See, this is why I need more mods, so I can pass stuff like this off to people who actually ship it. Because I don’t. Like, at all. The only way I like Hikaharu is an OT3 with twins+Haruhi. But I’ll still try-see how much I’m willing to do for y'all?

who cooks normally?: Haruhi-she’s the only one who actually knows how to do it, and Hikaru is actually kind of scared of ovens and stoves because he’s never had to use one. He felt guilty once and asked Haruhi to teach him so he could cook too but that was kind of a disaster of the life-threatening variety, so they gave up on that idea.

how often do they fight?: At the beginning of their relationship, fairly often. Hikaru didn’t know how to deal with a meaningful relationship with someone who wasn’t his brother, and so he just tried to agree with Haruhi all the time, and she was quick to call him out on acting weird and treating her like a princess instead of a person. But eventually they figured it out.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Haruhi’s pretty self-sufficient and loves time alone. She’ll cook or read or go on walks or visit her real father or her Tamaki-father and be really happy for her time, but also happy to see Hikaru again. Hikaru, on the other hand, is very bad at being alone and will immediately try to latch onto Kaoru if Haruhi’s not around.

nicknames for each other?: Haruhi calls him Shady Twin #2 if she’s feeling sassy. Hikaru responds by being overly flirtatious and cheesy and calling her his favorite host. 

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Hikaru has the money and is willing to pay for literally everything, but Haruhi gets really angry when he tries to do that, so they go 50-50 unless it’s a special occasion and Hikaru takes her somewhere really expensive as a gift.

who steals the covers at night?: Neither of them-Haruhi’s a calm sleeper and Hikaru’s actually really good at sharing a bed because he shared with Kaoru basically all his life.

what would they get each other for gifts?: Hikaru can’t even seem to figure out what to buy her because he’s used to buying dumb extravagant things because he and Kaoru found it funny, but that’s exactly the opposite of what Haruhi likes, so he just takes her to visit new places and try new foods instead (lots of fancy tuna). Haruhi buys him practical “commoner things” that he’s never had to use, like instant coffee, a broom, kitchen supplies. Hikaru still doesn’t use them, but he gets a kick out of hoarding them and it’s kind of an inside joke.

who remembers things?: Haruhi has a great memory, but Hikaru cares enough that he also tells Kaoru important things as a backup system, so he doesn’t actually end up forgetting anything important.

who cusses more?: Hikaru prefers to use sexual innuendo than curse, but Haruhi curses like a sailor.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Haruhi would be very calm and just call 911 (or Kyoya) and not show how worried she was until after everything was ok. Hikaru would freak the fuck out even if it was a minor injury, and Haruhi would roll her eyes and call 911/Kyoya herself.

who kissed who first?: Haruhi. It was awkward because after all the years of the brotherly love how Hikaru was used to making sure he didn’t actually kiss Kaoru, so he actually moved away out of instinct when Haruhi went in for the kiss. He was ridiculously embarrassed, but Haruhi found it hilarious and kissed him while he was pouting.

who made the first move?: Hikaru asked Haruhi out first. 

who started the relationship?: Haruhi was the one who “made it official” because again, Hikaru has no frame of reference for real, non-Kaoru relationships. 

‘I think we could work out just fine' a fanmix for kyoya and kaoru 

Weirdo The Vaccines / Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken Camera Obscura / Unattainable Little Joy / I’m So Lonely Cast / Heaven Knows First Aid Kit / Sittin’ On A Fence The Rolling Stones / Down The Drain Orla Gartland / The Man With The Child In His Eyes Kate Bush The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) Simon & Garfunkel / I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman The White Stripes / Wake Up With Me Gabrielle Aplin / Electric Twist A Fine Frenzy / Starlings Elbow / Tender Blur