mine: oh shit

I need someone to freak out over Ryan Guzman with.

because holy shit.

I kind of have this deep fascination with gorgeous men in their late 20′s ;;

who can play a charming sociopath

and dance like you wouldn’t believe

I’ve already seen him naked… frequently

but looks good in everything you can think of (suit and tie down to sweatpants and wife beater)

clean shaven, scruff, mega scruff - it’s all good

and he’s an MMA fighter

I mean set aside from the fighting it brings another gorgeous man to mind that we all all love so much so - yes - for your benefit, fall in love with this actor.

I’ve seen him in Boy Next Door, Heroes: Reborn and the Step Up movies but I need him in so much more. as do all of you. so please.

One of my fave Tanaka headcanons is that he’s really good with children but no one ever expects it of him so they’re always surprised. Like, “oh, Tanaka can’t look after a child, he’s a child himself—” [[camera pans to Tanaka striking perfect balance between jovial & authoritative with group of children, making sure his charges are being safe while playing]] “—never mind. What was I saying?”

Alright so

I know that most people think that Laurens was strictly gay but (it be self centred for me to say) maybe he was demi instead and ham was one of the only ones that he ever actually had that strong of a connection with? Because of his upbringing and his manipulative father he probably didn’t trust that many people so it would make sense that he didn’t trust enough people to make that connection with and then comes the war and he and ham end up just clicking and they like help each other in battle and at camp and stuff and Laurens used to think he probably couldn’t actually love or feel like that towards anyone and then he makes the connection with Alexander and he just sort of pauses one day as he looks at Alex writing his little heart out across the tent and mutters “well shit”