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If Rose is your BFF and she's superior to the the rest of the universe but the doctor is your arch enemy that you believe deserves to die, than why do you ship them together? Have you just accepted that Rose loves him and come to adore their relationship? Or is it just too complicated for us humans to understand?

I hate the Doctor but I love Rose and Rose loves the Doctor so I tolerate the Doctor. That’s about it. If being with the Doctor is what makes Rose happy then I have to support that. I’d still totally love to exterminate the Doctor though. That idiot doesn’t deserve Rose.


Here you go, Anon!!
I wasn’t too happy with the first one so I did two. Lucky you!

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all of overwatch is basically just everyone struggling to remember the english terms for things

WIDOW: where is the … COMMENT DITES-VOUS … la louche??
TRACER: the fuck is a ‘loosh’
MERCY: she means … you know, uh, die pfanne ..
REINHARDT: it has to be here somewhere in one of the drawers
TRACER: i know where everything is just tell me in english
MCCREE: el cucharon
TRACER: english
TORBJORN: skanken
LUCIO: a concha
TRACER: english, PLEASE, loves
MEI: 钢包
D.VA: 국자
ANA: المغرفة