mine: norman reedus

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Your ultimate dream had come true, and you couldn’t quite believe it, acting opposite Johnny Depp and playing his love interest on the new Pirates film. You still pinched yourself even when on set and all dressed up. After one of your last days filming there, you message your close friend Norman and gush over the fact you’ve just kissed Johnny.

-OMG Norm, just had to kiss Johnny for one of the last scenes!
-LOL! Is he a better kisser than me?
-Hmm, maybe ;)
-Bet he’s not :P
-Pfft, he might be! X
-It’s fine, I know you prefer me ;) when are you free to meet? Xxx
-I’m done filming in a couple days, will be flying back to Atlanta xx
-Great, I’m here now, come stay at mine xxx
-Okay, can you pick me up from the airport? Xx
-Anything for you xxx
-Norm, do you wanna come to the premiere with me? Xx
-Hell yes! Xxx
-Awesome! See you soon xx

You and Norman had always had flirty banter, and you’d had a ‘thing’ a couple of years ago, but it got complicated and you decided it was best to be friends instead. Secretly you wished for more and that he’d want to give things another go, but you didn’t think he wanted to, so kept quiet about it.
The last couple of days of filming went by in a blur and you couldn’t have been happier working alongside Johnny. You all said your goodbyes and looked forward to the premiere a few months away when you’d be reunited. Heading to the airport, you had butterflies knowing you’d see Norman soon.

-Just getting on the plane x
-Can’t wait to see you xxx

You tried not to take the kisses on the end of texts too seriously, as he was an open and loving person anyway, so you always tried to put one less. It was silly really, but you didn’t want him to think you were still in love with him.
The plane landed and you collected your bags, then headed on outside. Sure enough he was there in a hired car, knowing you’d have baggage with you. He got out and ran into you, squeezing you so tightly. You dropped your bags and hugged him back, burying your face into his shoulder.
“I missed you so much,” he mumbles into your shoulder.
“I missed you too,” you chuckle back, getting a mouthful of tshirt. He leans back and laughs as you make a funny face and stick your tongue out, then picks up your bags and leads you to the car. Once you’re on your way to his, he asks more about your adventure.
“So, was Johnny nice?”
“Yeah, he was lovely, and so funny, he was the main reason for retakes, everyone cracked up when he ad-libbed.”
“That’s good! And any more thoughts on who’s a better kisser?” He teased.
“Haha, Norman, a lady never tells. Anyway, it was a while ago with you, and I did get quite a bit of practice in with Johnny,” you smirk.
“Quite a bit? How many times?!” He asked shocked.
“You’ll see in the film,” you wink. He laughs a little, but you can tell it’s forced. You get back to Norman’s and unpack your stuff, then fall onto the bed exhausted. A couple of hours later, Norman comes along and finds you asleep face down on the bed. He turns you over and pulls the covers over you so you’re more comfortable and shuts the door quietly behind him.

A few months later and it’s premiere night finally. Norman’s dressed in a very smart suit and you’re in a floor length strapless dress. His tie matches the colour of your dress and when you first see him it takes your breath away. He’s such a handsome man anyway, and when he dresses up it makes your heart skip a beat. He looks you up and down and opens his mouth.
“(Y/N)… you erm, you look beautiful,” he stutters.
“Not so bad yourself!” You reply. You head out and arrive at the red carpet. You both get out of the car and he puts his arm around your waist for photos as you walk towards the cinema. Johnny comes along and you’re directed to go over and have some photos with him. You both hug and kiss each other on the cheek and Norman looks over, feeling pangs of jealously as he sees you smiling and laughing with him. Once back with Norman he looks at you intently, places both hands on your hips and goes to say something when you’re both interrupted and lead inside to your seats.
The film starts and when it gets near the end to the scenes where your character and Johnny’s character finally get together, Norman tenses up. You see out of the corner of your eye as the kissing scene comes on that his fist grips the arm of the chair and his brow furrows, looking angry. You go to hold his hand, but he takes it away quickly. Once the film is over, you and Johnny are ushered on stage to say a few words. Johnny goes first and says thank you to his kids and family for their support during the Pirates franchise, then to the crew for their hard work. Then it was your turn to speak, and you too thanked the crew for their work on set and making you feel comfortable on your first big film role. You then mentioned family, parents, and finally you turned to Norman and thanked him for being your rock throughout everything and giving you the confidence and strength to go for what you want in life. You see his face soften and his eyes widen at you.
When you’re off the stage and have greeted everyone you needed to, you go back over to Norman.
“Ready for the after party?” You ask.
“Yeah, I am now,” he says. You head to the large hall where everyone’s gathered and get some drinks.
“(Y/N), I hated seeing you all over him on the screen in there,” Norman admits. “I didn’t know how you’d feel about me saying this to you, but I can’t push it away any longer. I still love you. I was so stupid letting it end like that.” You look at him, shocked.
“That’s lucky,” you laugh.
“What? Why?” He looks at you confused.
“Because I love you too! Norman, I meant every word I said in there about you.”
“Shall we get out of here?” He asks, winking.
“Yes!” You exclaim. He takes your hand and leads you outside to your car. You get in and the driver takes you to your hotel. You get up to the room you’re sharing and Norman shuts and locks the door behind you both. He looks at you and puts his hands on your hips, pulling you in close. His lips connect with yours as soon as your bodies touch and he kisses you passionately. Your hands find their way to his hair and you grab onto it as he gets rougher. He pushes you back against the door and runs his hands up and down your sides, tugging at your dress.
“Where the hell is the opening on this thing?” He mumbles against your mouth. You laugh and pull away, turning around and showing him the concealed zip at the back.
“It’s right there,” you point. He unzips it painfully slow, then it drops to the ground and you’re left in your bra and panties. You turn back around, step out of the dress towards him and take his tie in your hand as you start to undo it. Once his top half is off, you start to unbuckle his belt when your phone rings.
“Oh come on!” He moans. You giggle and pick it up to see who’s calling. It’s one of your friends from home, and look to Norman with an apologetic face as you answer it.
“Hey! How are you?” You start.
“I’m good, I would ask how you are, but this article just appeared online… 'Norman Reedus and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) ditch premiere for private after party at hotel.’ Care to explain?” She teases.
“Hahaha! Oh my god, already?! Well I would explain, but I’m a little busy right now actually,” you say, looking over at Norman on the bed ready and waiting for you.
“Oh! OH! I’m SO sorry (Y/N), carry on. And send me details after of course,” she laughs.
“Will do! Bye!” You end the conversation and Norman gestures for you to go towards him. You oblige and lay down next to him on the bed. You feel so comfortable and safe with him that you instinctively close your eyes. It doesn’t take long for you to fall asleep after the excitement of earlier, and Norman chuckles to himself as he looks down at your peaceful face. He lifts your head slightly so it’s resting on his shoulder, and pulls the covers up over you both.
“I’ve missed this,” he whispers to himself as he kisses your head and settles down on the pillow.


I have never loved someone as I love this guy right here <3 This picture got me pregnant in so many levels…How can someone be so hot? Is he even real? But in all seriousness I have to say that I love him with all my heart. This man here has changed me in a lot of ways, I know that is silly but it’s true. In my highs and lows, I have always had him by my side and made my days more brighter. I love him by the way he is (Not mentioning he is super hot) His ways of being a little kid, being funny, awkward, nice, adorable and having a huge heart. I love the way he shows his talent to everyone at his best, and wanna give his best. Not because it’s his job, but because he just wants to. His love, dedication and appreciation to his fans is something so amazing and admirable that it makes me love him more and more everyday. I can say that Norman is one of those persons who have such a unique personality that you really don’t know what to expect from him every single day! And I love that. I love him. I’m proud of saying that I am such a huge fan of his and I will never leave, wether he is Daryl, Murphy, Travis, Mac or anyone else. He is my hero and my idol, and a great example for someone to look up to. So Lord I want to say thank you for giving us this angel so beautiful. God Bless Norman Reeds Amen!