mine: noes


Freddy Krueger’s addons, perks and new survivor perk from the stream.

First perk is called Fire Up: Increased action (generator damaging/pallet breaking, vaulting, ect.) speed every time a generator is repaired starting from the second generator.

Second perk is called Blood Warden: Exit gates are blocked for a period of time after a survivor is hooked for the first time after the exits are powered. Survivor’s auras are revealed if they are near the exit gate.

Third perk is called Remember Me: Obsession perk. Every time your obsession is damaged, exit opening time is increased. Cooldown of five seconds per hit.

Fourth perk is called Pharmacy: Chest searching speed increased. Guarenteed medkit from first chest.


started some independent german notes in order to stay productive over the summer ! school starts again next week, and i guess i’m having mixed emotions

ft. pastel stabilo highlighters, and my planner from muji !!