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THE SIREN INITIATIVE. It has always been a sad and unfortunate superstition that women were bad luck to have aboard a ship - and, as such, there have been many women thrown over the rails and into the water. But as the water filled their lungs, they finally found fins to call their own. Ruling at sea, they drown sailors in revenge for their deaths, and aid and support the all-woman pirate crew of Captain Isobel Maulie.

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“The night sky is not lit up by one star, but by the billions of stars. Shine bright Black girls….Be bold. Be bright. Be blessed.”

Just a few black girls/women who blew me away in 2013. I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for them, for us, and for all Women of Color. 


t h e  e r i n y e s  were three netherworld goddesses who avenged crimes against the natural order. they were particularly concerned with homicide, unfilial conduct, crimes against the gods, and perjury. a victim seeking justice could call down the curse of the erinyes upon the criminal. the most powerful of these was the curse of the parent upon the child - for the erinyes were born of just such a crime, being sprung from the blood of ouranos, when he was castrated by his son kronos.

Cheer Up Post #1037 - Nicole Beharie Edition

One of the most beautiful women on the planet.

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Women Masterpost

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