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Flicker Sessions San Francisco - 11/22/2017


when will people realize one direction’s break isn’t harry or liam’s fault but something that them 4 needed just as zayn? can y'all stop complaining because they are not returning back together for the moment and appreciate what we have? they were unhealthy, unhappy, and probably about to give up and to stop it all. so bless what they are giving us, support them even if you’re supporting way more your fav which is understandable but stop complaining. we’re so lucky to still have these 5 talented men in solo while they could have decided to give up.


Niall singing Mirrors - Flicker Sessions SF 22/11/2017

Okay can we talk about having a Nerf Gun war with Niall? Like he’d be so down for it, cuz he’s so competitive but it’d need to be like structured. Like bases would need to be set, rules discussed and followed, equal number of bullets and guns. And he’s come out all like dressed up and with the like war lines painted on his face with his ammo and gun, “ya ready to lose love?” 😂😂

I have two extra Niall albums that I’m giving away. Likes & reblogs both count, and you can enter as many times as you want (no giveaway accounts, please). I would love to give them away to two people who weren’t able to afford the album and concert tickets.

I think I’ll let this run until December 20th to honor 2 months of Flicker.

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