mine: ncis


Gif source:  Gibbs  |  Hotch (merged)

Imagine being a member of Gibbs’ team while NCIS and the BAU are working together on a terrorism case involving a marine, so you get loaned out to the BAU and Hotch calling Gibbs when a bomb goes off with you inside the building, and they’re both really worried because they’re both in love with you.

——— Request for anon ———

“She didn’t get out in time, Gibbs,” Hotch’s voice through the phone is raised to be heard over the chaos, and quick due to the fact that he had to make it quick before he could get back to the crisis at hand. “Her radio’s silent. We don’t know if she’s hurt or not yet, but with the way that building collapsed, the area she’s in was the only part still standing, so we’re hoping for the best.”

Gibbs keeps his composure much better than he feels at hearing the news of your status, wishing immediately he hadn’t let the Director talk him into loaning you out to BAU for this case, “My team will keep working on our end, but I’m coming down there.”

Hotch doesn’t argue, “Alright. I’m sending Penelope to see what she can do to help McGee on tracking that terrorist.”


Gif source:  Gibbs

Imagine Gibbs making you a wooden Nutcracker for Christmas and you’re shocked because you didn’t think he was paying attention when you’d told Ziva, DiNozzo, and McGee that it was your favorite ballet to see on the holidays, but he had because he really secretly cares for you.

——— Request for anon ———

“Wow,” you can’t tear your eyes from it at first upon unwrapping his present to you. The amount of effort he must have put into it touches you as you run your fingers over the smooth wood of the Nutcracker’s arm, “It’s beautiful, Gibbs, thank you. I really didn’t expect you to…”

You look up from the gift, finding a satisfied half-smile on Gibbs’ face, “Well, you said your favorite ballet was the Nutcracker, so I figured you’d like it.”

“You were paying attention when I said that?” you blurt in mild shock, having distinctly remembered Gibbs seemingly working at his desk while you gushed to Ziva, DiNozzo, and McGee about getting tickets to see the ballet.

Gibbs nods, “Sure was.”