mine: nathan fillion


But Nathan is a very sensitive man and that’s what people don’t know. And that’s why we all love him so much in Castle because some of that comes across. You know, in the family scenes with his mom and daughter you seem that caring part of him but you don’t really know how deep it is. He’s very kind and very sensitive about life in general and I love that about him. – Tamala Jones

Nathan is probably one of the most giving, generous people that I’ve ever worked with. He’s always got a gift for someone, and he’s always looking out for if you need something. He’ll do it, he’ll get it. He’ll help you. – Jon Huertas

He loves toys. He got this cool laser projector the other day. It actually projects movies onto a surface. It’s very freaking cool. He’s always got something new. He gets bored quickly with things and he likes to tinker and likes to have new stuff to play with. – Seamus Dever

But Nathan, I must tell you, in real life, is a charmer. When I look at him I crack up. – Penny Johnson Jerald

I adore him. I absolutely adore him. Nathan is that charming, impish, bad-boy, good-boy, kind and compassionate man. – Susan Sullivan

He’s adorable. He tortures me sometimes by bringing me wine gums from Canada, because he knows that I’m addicted, but apart from that he’s a pussycat! He’s super funny, loves to make other people laugh. We have a great time working together. He’s like the big brother who gives me advice; I can always rely on him. I hope he’ll find someone fantastic to share his life with soon. - Stana Katic

Nathan Fillion