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Murdoc getting into a bar fight after getting really drunk and he ends up getting his nose broken again? Maybe the rest of the band could try to stop him but man is he boozed up

(Fooooul language, fragile masculinity and sexism in this, oops. Enjoy protective boys - I went a little away from the request but I hope it is ok)

The four of them always loved a drink, or if you asked Murdoc, several drinks, after a concert. It was traditional almost, to have a beer or a drink with a funny straw. Normally, they’d go home when Murdoc started falling asleep over the table but something was different today. Murdoc had had various drinks but somehow, he was still going, not lying half-awake on the floor, but instead seemed to be on the prowl for a hook-up.

The rest of them watched him from the table. Luckily, the bar was small and unknown, making them able to be left by themselves. It was their expertise to find these small places.

“Should we go get him?” 2D mumbled into his beer, eyeing Murdoc who was currently leaning against the wall and smiling at a young woman, who was clearly not interested in his way-too-drunk behaviour. It wasn’t exactly charming.

“Nah, let him get a slap,” Russel replied and Noodle giggled. They clinked their drinks.

“Cheers to that,” Noodle said and sucked on the straw. She put it down and let out a sigh of content.

“A guy now?” Russel raised his brows, “Jesus, he is drunk. He barely lets that side out.”

“He isn’t hitting on him,” 2D said, playing with an empty shot glass. It was sticky, making him crinkle his nose, “Look at his face. No charm.”

Murdoc eventually pointed to their table and the man walked up to them. Murdoc, on the other hand, went back to hunting down the woman from before.

They eyed the man for a moment, none of them really saying anything until Russel cleared his throat, “Can we help you?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the man didn’t look at Russel but turned his attention on Noodle instead, “Can I buy you a drink?”

“Why?” Noodle said simply.

“Because you look sexy as hell, I’d love to get you home with me,” was the reply, all of them reacting by grimacing.

“Uhh… No thanks, I’m good,” Noodle said, holding up her glass in demonstration, “Look, all full.”

“Oh c’mon,” he continued, leaning onto the table. Noodle scooted away and further in on the bench. She groaned, wondering why the hell she hadn’t sat down in the middle of her boys. The man urged on, “Just a shot then?”

“Dude, she said no,” Russel grumbled and 2D followed him by nodding. The man turned his head to him, looking almost repulsed.

“Is she yours?” He growled and Noodle gasped at that, turning her body away from him.

“Yours?” 2D exclaimed, “She isn’t anyone’s!”

The man leaned down over her, “Oh come on, sweetheart. Don’t be so boring.”

“Ew go away, you creep,” Noodle shouted, tempted to throw her alcohol in his eyes.

“Fine, you’re fucking ugly anyway,” the man hissed and sudden his shoulder was grabbed.

“Wha’s going on ‘ere?” Murdoc slurred, looking at the man with utter disgust. He had popped up out of the blue.

“Just trying to figure out what your lady costs, apparently, a drink isn’t enough,” he snarled and before he knew it, a fist was flying at him at full force. He fell back onto the floor and Murdoc towered over him. The rest of the band stood very quickly.

“Fucking hell, Murdoc,” 2D said in awe, looking down at the poor sod on the floor. He was bleeding from his nose and mouth, looking bewildered and confused about what had happened.

“He deserved it, he did,” Murdoc growled, leaning down to pick him up by the collar, “Nobody speaks to Noodle like that.”

Noodle sighed, “Can you not do that? Start a barfight?”

“I do whatever I want, love,” Murdoc said, dropping him onto the floor again.

Noodle grimaced, “Please don’t call me that.”

“Wha’d you mean?” Murdoc turned to face her but in the next moment, he was pulled down onto the floor and the fight really began.

They wrestled on the floor, Murdoc gaining a possible new fracture to his nose and the man a black eye, and as Noodle complained and 2D bit his nails, Russel just watched.


It took a few minutes before the owner threw them out, Russel having to carry Murdoc down the street till they found a cab.

“I liked that place, why’d have to get us banned from it?” 2D grumbled, arm around Noodle as they walked.

“Nobody fuckin’ disrespects my girl,” Murdoc slurred, half asleep in Russel’s arms. Noodle smiled shyly, leaning into 2D as they walked down the small street.

“You guys are the best, you know that?” Noodle grinned, “My boys.”



Imagine: Dean sees you with a random boy in a bar and he gets jealous.

“Dude, relax,” Sam said to his brother once he noticed how Dean was getting angry or well, jealous. “Are you seeing her? You are…” Dean answered, not relaxed at all. “If you don’t want her to be with that guy, go with her.” Sam interrupted his brother. “I’m pretty sure she’s doing that just to make me jealous.” “And she’s succeeding,” Sam added with a smile in his face, mocking of his brother.