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tom visits your university// headcannon

hi everyone!! this is my first fanfic that i’ve written ever so plz don’t be mean!! if  you have any ideas/requests/fun facts feel free to shoot me a message whenever💖✨🌴

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this gif is absolutely adorable are you kidding me

  • ok this is gonna be so cute IM LIVING
  • tom visiting your dorm room
  • “love, how many more flights??”
  • “…wait seven?!”
  • he would buy so many!! sweatshirts and t-shirts from your university’s bookstore, he’d be so proud that his angel attended a smart uni!!
  • it was getting dark, the stars began to shine brightly
  • you giving him a tour of campus and he would see how interested you are about the history of it which makes him fall in love with you even more
  • taking tom to a bar where he meets all your friends
  • they all love him instantly and some ask if he has any brothers
  • cozying up to tom all night and making out with him by the bar’s bathroom
  • stumbling back to your dorm and falling asleep watching reruns of Friends
  • sleeping in super late and going out to brunch together
  • shamelessly taking photos of each other and the food because you’re both so in love!!
  • walking around town in comfortable silence
  • taking a detour and walking through the park
  • the two of you meeting so many lovely dogs in park which makes tom miss tessa :((
  • sO the only thing to do here is to facetime tessa
  • you lead tom to a small bench that is in the shade, on the bank of a river
  • the two of you sit and chat for a bit, him kissing your knuckles multiple times
  • eventually tom calls paddy who brings tessa to the phone
  • i mean this is just pure tooth-rotting fluff by now
  • tom’s eyes light up when he sees tessa’s adorable face
  • once the call is over, the two of you just sit on that bench and talk about life for HOURS
  • you discuss how hard the college level history and writing courses are and tom tells you everything about filming his last scenes for Chaos Walking
  • the two of you tell each other everything about each other, things the other didn’t know before
  • we all know how damn cute this boy is so
  • he picks up a stick on the ground and would carve both of your initials with hearts around them on this bench
  • mind you he was leaving early in the morning to visit england the next day
  • that bench ended up being your little piece of heaven