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Series 1

  1. Big Wide World (mp4 | 720p)
  2. Touched (mp4 | 720p)
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen (mp4 | 720p)
  4. Don’t Ever Tell Anybody Anything (mp4 | 720p)
  5. It’s A Wonderful Rae Part 1 (mp4 | 720p)
  6. It’s A Wonderful Rae Part 2 (mp4 | 720p)

Series 2

  1. Alarm (mp4 | 720p)
  2. Bare Naked Lady (mp4 | 720p)
  3. Girls (mp4 | 640p)
  4. Friday (mp4 | 640p)
  5. Inappropriate Adult (mp4 | 500p)
  6. Not I: Part 1 (mp4 | 640p)
  7. Not I: Part 2 (mp4 | 640p)

Series 3

  1. Who Is Stan Ford? (mp4 | 720p)
  2. Rewind (mp4 | 720p)
  3. Voodoo (mp4 | 720p)
Rae and Finn - Getting There 17


I walked into the pub that evening, making my way to the bar straight away as I saw Stacey sat on Finn’s knee. Sighing heavily, I placed my head in my hands, an arm wrapping around my shoulder…

“Rae…” Archie spoke

“Why’s she here?” I asked

“Stacey?” he questioned

I nodded my head, signalling yes…

“She just turned up with some of her mates and decided to join us” he informed me “there weren’t any seats available so she just plonked herself on Finn’s lap. Are you gonna come over?”

“Yeah, I’ll just get a drink” I replied, smiling at him weakly

“He’s been glancing at his watch every few minutes. Think he’s been eager to have you here” he admitted

My smile grew wider as I glanced at him and then over to the group, seeing Stacey had finally moved to someone else whose name I couldn’t remember. Glancing over to me, Finn smiled at me warmly and I reciprocated it, turning back to the bar, ordering a drink from the barman…

“Thank God” Finn wrote on my leg as soon as I sat down next to him

I turned to him and raised an eyebrow, seeing him glance over in Stacey’s direction. Moving my hand to his leg, I wrote Overbearing?…

He nodded his head, signalling yes, entwining his hand with mine as Stacey turned to us…

“Rae” she proclaimed “I just wanna say how sorry I am”

“For what?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at her

“Making things awkward between you and Finn. He asked me to keep quiet about your problems and I should’ve done. I’m sorry” she replied

I swallowed and nodded my head… “Apology accepted”

“Thank you” she proclaimed, hugging me tightly, moving back to Chop “right, whose round is it?”

“I think you’ve had enough, Stace” Chop admitted

“It’s Saturday night and I’m letting my hair down” she informed him “and I take it it’s your round, so vodka and tonic when you’re ready please”

Sighing heavily, he moved and stood up, taking everyone else’s orders before making his way to the bar…

“Do you wanna get out of here soon?” Finn questioned

“Not really” I admitted “I’m enjoying things just being normal”

He smiled at me warmly and kissed me softly…

“I’ve got an idea” Stacey proclaimed as we pulled apart “spin the bottle!”

I sighed heavily and ran a hand through my hair, pursing my lips together nervously…

“What’s wrong, Rae?” she questioned

“Nothing, I just think Spin the Bottle’s a little childish” I admitted

“Bollocks” she replied “we’re all playing”

Grabbing an empty beer bottle from the table next to us, she span it. Watching as it landed on Finn, he smiled at me reassuringly as she span it again, this time it landing on her. Squeezing my hand, he stood up, pressing his lips against Stacey’s, my heart dropping to the floor…


Everyone had to kiss each other, and I could tell Rae was getting uncomfortable with the whole thing now… “How about we play another game?”

“Such as?” Stacey inquired

“I don’t know, anything” I replied

“I’m enjoying this game, so we’re gonna continue” she informed me

“Well me and Rae aren’t” I admitted “we’re gonna get off”

“Oi, oi” she proclaimed, smirking at me “Finny-boy gonna get lucky, is he?”

“Shut up, Stace” I sighed as I stood up, pulling my leather jacket on “you ready, Rae?”

She nodded her head, signalling yes. Saying our goodbyes to everyone, we made our way out of the pub hand-in-hand…

Poor Rae – what does everyone think Stacey can get up to now?

Rae and Finn - Getting There 16

“Is that a smile I see?” Mum asked as I walked in the front door from college that evening

I nodded my head, signalling yes… “Finn and I are back on track. I’m just back to get changed, and then I’m off to his for dinner”

“He’s cooking for you?” she questioned

“Yeah” I informed her “so I can’t stay and chat. I said I’d only be half-an-hour”

“Okay, love” she replied “well hurry up and I’ll give you a lift over”

“It’s okay, I’ll walk” I assured her “trying to lose weight, remember?”

She smiled at me warmly and nodded her head. Kissing her cheek, I made my way up the stairs, beginning to root through my wardrobe for something to wear. I’d decided on my purple top, leggings and Converse, and Finn’s leather jacket which was now back in place on my body. Making my way downstairs, I said goodbye to Mum and Karim and began the ten minute walk to Finn’s…


“You like garlic, don’t you?” I asked Rae as she moved around the kitchen, organising us both a drink

“Yeah” she informed me “it smells great, Finn”

“Mum’s recipe” I admitted, smiling at her warmly as I turned to face her

“Do you miss her?” she asked

“Course” I replied “but at least she’s not suffering anymore”

She moved towards me and wrapped her arms around me tightly… “She would’ve been so proud of you”

“Dad always says that. She would’ve loved you too” I informed her

She pressed her lips against mine softly… “No more sad stuff, agreed? Let’s eat”

I nodded my head in agreement… “Let’s eat”


The next morning I made my way downstairs and began to check through my bag to make sure I had everything…

“Rae, what on earth are you wearing?” Mum inquired

“Clothes” I chuckled, raising an eyebrow at her in confusion

“Don’t get smart with me” she sighed “get upstairs and change”

“Why?” I questioned

“Because it’s totally inappropriate, that’s why” she proclaimed

“How is a pair of jeans, boots and a top inappropriate?” I asked

“It’s just not something I’m used to seeing you in. Where’re your Converse?” she inquired

“Upstairs. Have you seen the weather?” I questioned “they’re about knackered as it is”

“It’s just not you, Rae” she sighed, running a hand over her face

“I haven’t changed, Mum” I assured her “I’m just trying to lose some weight and making more of an effort with my appearance. That’s all”

“Okay” she replied “how about I take you to college?”

“Finn’s picking me up” I informed her, grabbing my bag as his car horn sounded “that’ll be him now. Bye, Mum, love you”

“Rae, what about breakfast?” she shouted as I headed to the door

“I’ll get something at college” I informed her, shutting the door behind me, making my way to Finn’s car

So the drama starts next chapter – how will Rae cope when Stacey starts to flirt and act inappropriately with Finn on a Saturday night at the pub?