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Russel in Gorillaz Music Videos: A Primer

Tomorrow Comes Today: Stands around
Clint Eastwood: Passes out immediately
19/2000:</b> Sits in backseat, brooding
Rock the House: Passes out immediately
Feel Good Inc: Is seen drumming in two shots
DARE: Pooping in one shot
Dirty Harry: Driving a convoy in one shot
El Mañana: Absent
Stylo: Absent
On Melancholy Hill: Picks up Noodle at the end
Doncamatic: Absent
DoYaThing: Sleeping on roof in one shot
Saturnz Barz: Has multiple lines of dialog, tries to take a nap but gets tormented by a monster, easily the all-time most prominent feature for Russel in any video
Strobelite: TBA


Here are some Music Videos with LGBT Representation (Mainly Lesbian) to end the year.