mine: muse

things i love about Dig Down

after an entire album that was heavy hearted and dreary (yet badass) af, this is completely uplifting song that (in my case) came out the day i was at the doctor then hospital to get xrays done and i was a panicky mess before i heard this and once i did it kinda,, calmed me down ?

imo it took the tempo and rhythm of Madness and perfected it

im a slut for remixes of muse songs and this is gonna def be fun to see play out with this single

the whole cyberpunk / max headroom vibe:

features a legit activist and badass chick (Lauren Wasser)  as our hero in the vid, i mean LOOK 

things i don’t like about Dig Down:

surprise binch i love everything about it

The thing I find most hilarious about people not liking Dig Down because “they’ve changed their music style” is that not only have Muse changed genre MID ALBUM (Soldier’s Poem-Invincible/ City of Delusion-Hoodoo-Knights of Cydonia/ Undisclosed Desires-United States of Eurasia-Guiding Light/ Madness-Panic Station-Survival/ Liquid State-Unsustainable/ The Globalist-Drones), but they’ve changed genre MID SONG (Butterflies and Hurricanes, Unnatural Selection, The Globalist).

The thing we’ve come to know about Muse is that they never do what’s expected of them, they always just do what THEY want and what feels comfortable to THEM. They are constantly changing the way they sound. The Resistance and The 2nd Law are proof of that. If you don’t like the song then fine. You don’t have to, but don’t complain and say “They’ve changed - there’s no chance of going back to old Muse” because they never wanted to. Why did you ever expect them to. That would be boring. Please realise that they can and will change in any way they want because at the end of the day it’s their music and they can make it the way they want.


Muse - Dig Down