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I FINALLY FOUND WHO COLE’S JUGHEAD REMINDS ME OF! Even since I started watching Riverdale I have thought the way Cole has been playing Jughead has reminded me of something/someone. And after what feels like years of trying to figure it out, i finally realize that both Coles’s version of Jughead, and Munro Chambers’ Eli Goldsworthy have a lot in common. Please send me a message/ repost this if you where a fan when Munro was on Degrassi and can see the similar plot point! Would love to know am not alone on this, condescending it took me so long to be able to past them together. 😊 - both the “brooding loner” type/ give off the vibe when first introduced. -both give off the Emo/ all black waring vibe when first introduced to them -as a result of [^^above^^] both get bullied both physically and (mentally–..spoken..?) - both love/trying to be aspiring writers -both can be seen in shots with laptop/writing movie/book - both have dark past that takes time to learn about - both sarcastic sense of humor -both in to horror/murder mystery films & books - both start relationships with girls, others would never guess they would get with. - both like comics…(not 100% on this one, I thought in one of the episode Jughead said something about liking comics I could be wrong though) Bottom line is… pretty much my pre-/teen self is replaying in my mind when ever I see Jughead in Riverdale and there have been more times then one, when watching him and be like “OMG ELI!” Also P.S. I might miss Eli a lot bit! 😏😉😊 and this new Degrassi sucks!

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