mine: motherfucking werewolves

  1. get on the first line of your lacrosse team (if you can’t, go to lacrosse games and hope they won’t notice when you randomly appear on the field)
  2. get a leather jacket and some sunglasses if your hubris is too bright
  3. get a makeover
  4. vandalize lockers and whatever you can get your claws into
  5. creep everywhere, and i mean everywhere
  6. derelict and abandoned buildings are now your hangout of choice
  7. whisper loudly about being a werewolf
  8. plot to kill people, even though light maiming would be easier
  9. swagger
  10. eye sex as many possible people, keep your options open
I try to live a good life you know? I try to be a fair person. Kind. Moral. Stable. I do my best to do nice things for others and donate to charity. I babysit friend’s children for free. I don’t beat my kids. I don’t murder or pillage. I don’t listen to Avril Lavigne or watch The Real World. I am a good person. I don’t deserve this. Why is this happening to me? No really. What happened. I want to know. Because I woke up and my blog was devoted to werewolves one day. Then an MTV series cast. And did someone drug my drink? because I don’t remember signing off on this. Don’t expect anything coherent from me. Ever again.
—  Jamie on the state of her life (and everyone else’s really)
Review: Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 3 - Ice Pick

Ok, so episode 3 begins, very anticlimactically, with Allison filling her car up at a gas station. Some guy walks out and gets on his motorcycle while shooting Allison what I’m sure he thinks is a flirty smirk before zooming off on the quietest motorcycle I have ever heard in my life.

I think it’s hilarious. Am I the only one?

Allison just seems confused/contemplative. Like, oh yeah, there are guys that exist in this town besides Scott, huh.

I am toying with the possibility that this dude might come back to bite us all in the ass in some way later this episode. Jeff Davis has started making me suspicious of everyone that appears on-screen these days.

Anyways, Biker Guy leaves and the gas station goes dark. Because of course.

So Allison puts the gas nozzle back and gets in her car to drive away.

Um Allison, I did not see you pay for that gas. I get that it’s creepy and night time and that shit is expensive, and I’ll admit I’ve been tempted to run off after seeing my total price myself a couple times, but your family lives in like… a mansion. You can afford it. If I can, you can. Seriously. Also, you know you could kick some ass if you had to.

Right so she gets in her car and her keys aren’t in the ignition where she apparently left them.


Ahem. Excuse me.

Also, man hands.

Then she gets out and looks for her keys on the ground outside her car and is black-bagged and dragged off.

Then this happens.

It’s a family bonding moment, haha.

… sorry.

Cue dramatic off-screen voice that sounds suspiciously like Derek. But we’ll leave the speculation for later.

As-of-yet-unknown-voice: “Have you ever wondered what happens, if a Hunter gets bitten? Allison, ever wonder what happens if you get bitten? What do you think your father would do? What do you think he’d have to do? When all it would take, to change everything, is one… bite.”

Mr. Argent breaks free -literally, he breaks the chair-and Allison’s all relieved before…

BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH That was brilliant. Really.

But also, on a more serious note, this family has some major freaking issues.

And oh hey! It’s Bike Guy!

Called it.

So yeah, Allison is justifiably pissed off. And very glare-y as her dad un-gags her

Allison: “Is this how we’re going to do father-daughter talks from now on?!”

Mr. Argent: “No. This is how we’re going to train you.”

Allison: *FML*

Then they talk about arrows and how next full moon they’re going to kill Isaac.

Mr. Argent: “It wasn’t my choice”

Allison: “Gerard?”

Argent: “… No.”

Me: Wait, what? really?

Argent: “See, our family has a surprisingly progressive tradition. Knowing that wars and violence are typically started by men, we place the final decisions, the hard ones, with the women.”

Me: Booyah for female empowerment! …Oh shit… Mrs. Argent.

I think Allison and I share similar thoughts at this moment.

Mr. Argent finishes off by talking about how they train men to be soldiers and women to be leaders before putting an arrow in his daughter’s still-tied-up hands and having Bike Guy time her- because training starts now. In the old burned-out Hale house, in the middle of the night. Because of course.

Some time later, Allison walks out of the house and to her car where Bike Guy is waiting.

Bike Guy: “Congrats.”

Allison: “For what? It took me two and a half hours.”

Me: hahaha

Bike Guy: “Took me 3 when I did it.”

Me: oh… ok then.

Allison: *smiles and drives away*

Bike Guy smiles as he watches her drive off. Dude, off-limits. Like seriously. Then he goes to step towards his bike but can’t because of this:

He’s tripped and swiped across the neck, then let go. he draws a gun and swings around, holding his neck, before collapsing. Dead

Oh snap, Lizzy’s back.

Yeah. I said it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand… opening credits.

Cut to gym class at Beacon Hills, where they apparently have a freaking rock-climbing wall on hand.

If my school had a rock-climbing wall, instead of making us run around the track all period, I would’ve liked gym a hell of a lot more.

So yeah, while climbing, Scott and Allison talk about tails and Scott’s lack thereof and start flirting. As we all know they like to do by now. Excessively. I sigh, sit back and wait for something exciting to happen.

Allison kicks Scott off the wall when he uses his werewolf powers to beat her to the top. It’s close enough.

Coach Finstock: “McCall, I don’t know why, but your pain gives me a spacial kind of joy.”

Me too coach, me too.

Next to go up is Stiles and Erica. Yay! New character introduction!

… Although.. she’s not looking too good. Stiles just looks happy to have a female partner. 

Stiles climbs the wall like a freaking ninja, btw, and is up and back down before Erica’s even half-way up.

Stiles does the double fist-pump while Erica seems to have a bit of a meltdown. I feel for you hun, some things are just meant to be left to the naturals.

Coach: “Erica! Dizzy? Is it vertigo?”

Jackson is sulking at the back, self-absorbed as usual and not paying attention to anyone else while Lydia explains in super-smart science terms that she’s just freaking out.

Erica insists she’s fine. Allison suggests bringing her down because of her epilepsy, which apparently, Coach didn’t know.

Um dude, student records. Trust me, it’s in there.

He convinces her to come down, and she walks away as some people -correction, some assholes- giggle. She tries to smile along like it’s all fine, but it’s so obviously not. Scott looks after her, concerned.

So she’s goes back after everyone else is gone and tries again. Of course. While I despair at her lack of self-preservation, I admire her gumption (Yay! finally got to use that word!).

In the boys’ locker room, Coach tells everyone to call the principle, or a teacher, or him, if they see Isaac. Except Greenberg. Who apparently has Coach’s number for some reason that even Coach doesn’t know.

Stiles mentions Isaac being “Derek’s problem now” to Scott. Okay no, Stiles, where’s the helpful, caring, awesome guy I know?! Shouldn’t you be a little more invested in the guy who almost killed you? … ok nevermind, answered my own question.

Anyways, Jackson overhears this and gets a thinking look on his face.

I screen-capped it in case we don’t get another opportunity to see this, which is likely.

So while Erica is re-climbing the wall, this time without any safety equipment (she’s totally going to fall, you just know it), Stile’s and Scott are talking.

Stiles: “What do you mean tonight’s not a good idea?”

Stiles goes to take off his shirt and I get excited because omfg finally!?

Jeff Davis: *lol nope*

Dammit Scott! You ruin everything!

Scott: I dunno, just that…thing that we saw last night, Isaac missing, Allison’s grandfather, all this stuff happening with Derek, I just… it doesn’t feel right.

Scott finally closes his locker only for Stiles to be fully re-dressed in a stupid hoodie.

Dammit Scott!

Stiles: “No, you are not backing out. You wanna know why? Because you and Allison are obviously having quite a good time together. And you know who else wants to have a good time?Stiles. Stiles wants to have a good time. Many, many times. Several times in a row. In several different positions. Are you even listening to me?”

Oh Stiles, bb. If only you existed outside my laptop. I’d listen.

Scott’s hand gets all shaky. Erica falls off the climbing wall when she appears to be having a seizure.

Scott catches her after appearing out of nowhere. Everyone comes running. Allison is smart and knows to put her on her side.

Allison: “How did you know?”

Scott: “I just felt it.”

Me: *in a sing-songy voice* Uh ohhhh. I see a romantic conflict in the future.

Yes, this makes me happy.

Until I realize that means more relationship-heavy screen-time.

Dammit Scott!

Anyways, at the hospital, Erica is being looked after by Scott’s mom, who knows Erica from the last time she was in, which was quite a while ago because Erica had been so good at taking her meds before now.

Erica: “Are you going to tell my mom?”

Ms. McCall: “Well, I swear I don’t want to. But… there’s this team of lawyers in the back who would break my legs and I don’t know if you’ve seen my legs but for a girl my age, they’re still pretty hot.”

Erica laughs. So do I. And for once not in a condescending way. I actually like Ms. McCall. Plus she’s right.

Scott’s mom leaves after saying the doctor will be in soon.

Then this happens:

Hold up. Those aren’t scrubs. Dammit Derek, is that you? Will you please stop being creepy? It’s getting old.

It is Derek. And he ends up wheeling Erica to the morgue, of all places. Because of course.

Erica finally sits up, looking scared as hell, as Derek starts reading side-effects off of her pill-bottle.

Erica: Who are you?

Derek: Let’s just say we have a… mutual friend.

OMG are Isaac and Erica friends?! That’s so great! You have no idea how happy I am that those two are friends. Don’t even ask.

Also, Derek is smiling a lot more this season. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I mean yeah, he’s getting a pack and that’s great. But the whole killing-his-uncle-who-killed-his-sister-and-all-the-people-that-killed-his-family thing only happened like a couple days ago, if my timeline is correct. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with him bouncing back so fast. But then again, it could all just be for show and he’s secretly dying inside.

That seems a bit more likely.

Anyway, back to the convo.

Derek: What if I told you, that all of this could go away? The side-effects, the symptoms… all of it?

Derek, what are you doing? You do not just rub the legs of a sick girl who doesn’t even know you, in a morgue. It’s creepy. Even with someone as attractive as you.

Derek: “And what if all those things, not only went away, but everything else… got even better?”

Ok, now Erica. What are you doing? You have no idea who this guy even is and he is incredibly close to doing a Bad Touch. I get it, you don’t want to be sick anymore. And Derek is, admittedly, very very hot. But rapists have gotten a lot farther with a lot less.

Erica: “How?”

Alright, fine. Don’t listen.

Derek: “Let me show you”

The staring goes on for a while.

Back at BHHS, Jackson and Camera Guy Matt are watching a video in Bio. Well, their class is. They are not. Jackson is looking off in the distance all woe-is-me and Matt is complaining that Jackson broke the lens of his camera. Which Jackson paid $100 for to use for 1 night. For some reason.

Bio Vid: “A small exposure to an otherwise deadly virus can actually prevent the effects of the infection from spreading. This is called vaccination. So by creating an immunity…”

Jackson perks up at what the video is saying all of a sudden.

Matt: “Jackson!”

Jackson: “Just send me a bill.”

Bio vid: “your body is trying to fight off the infection. From Meningitis, to rabies from an animal bite, meaning the subject is now immune.”

Jackson looks back suspiciously at Lydia.

Then he, rather violently (dick), corners her after class saying that because nothing happened to her after getting attacked by Peter, it’s because of her blood/saliva that he didn’t turn.

Oh Jackson, sweetie, I think we all know it’s Derek’s scratch, not your sexual exploits with Lydia, that made you immune to the bite. Obviously.

Jackson: “You ruined this for me. You ruined everything!”

I laugh. Actually, I cackle. He’s such a child sometimes.

Although he does look back at Lydia when he’s walking away and looks pretty apologetic, so at least there’s that. Even if he doesn’t say anything.

Lydia ends up crying in a bathroom stall.

Oh hun, don’t cry. It’s Jackson. You’re so much better without him.

Then this happens:


Lydia: “This is the girl’s room.”

The feet actually leave. Lydia opens the stall door (looking very well put-together and un-smudged for someone who was just balling their eyes out) and no ones there so she goes outside and follows the barefoot person through the halls before he stops at the trophy case.

Is it just me or is that totally Peter Hale? Oh great, Lydia’s hallucinating again.

Barefoot man leaves, never showing his face, and Lydia goes to check out what he was looking at, which is Peter Hale’s captain trophy.

Do captain’s actually get their own trophies in the States? Seriously?

Meanwhile, in the cafeteria, Stiles meets up with someone named Boyd, seen here:

Stiles: “You got the keys?”

There has been an unacceptable lack of Stiles this review so far, so here:

Boyd: “This isn’t a favor. It’s a transaction.”

Stiles: “Right, yeah. Absolutely.” *slaps money on the table*

Boyd: “I said 50.”

Stiles: “Really? I remember 20. I dunno. I got a really good verbal memory and I remember 20. I remember that distinctive ‘tw’ sound. Tweeeenty.”

Boyd: “I said 50. The 'f’ sound. Hear the difference?”

Stiles: “uh uh”

Boyd: “If you can’t I can demonstrate some other words with the 'f’ sound.

Stiles: "Uh no no no, I think I’m recalling it now. Maybe I just got it confused with fooooorty.” *places another $20 on the table*

Boyd: *eats a Doritos*

Stiles: “Come on man, have you seen the piece of crap jeep that I drive?”

Boyd: “Have you seen the piece of crap bus that I take?”

Stiles: *throws out a crumpled ten*

Boyd: *smiles very big.*

Stiles gets the keys and slaps them down in front of Scott at a table farther in. Scott, and everyone else in the cafeteria look towards the door.

Because of this:

What is it with kids and apples in this town, honestly?

Lydia: *stopped at Stiles and Scott’s table, unnoticed* “What, the holy hell, is that?”

Scott: “It’s Erica”

No, duh Scott.

Erica leaves. Stiles and Scott race after her outside where they see this:

Derek drives away in a squeal of tires. Again, dude, not good for the car.

I’m… not really sure why Erica went to school if that’s all she’s did… was it to make a grand entrance? Or was she just really hungry for that apple?

Who knows anymore.

Also, Scott is pissed.

Later, Scott drops a glass jar at his work. And yay! Dr. Deaton is back.

He goes all philosophical and stuff, it’s impressive but not worth repeating here. Basically cuz I’m just lazy.

Scott: “When are we gonna talk about that thing we never got to talk about before?”

Deaton: “Ah yes, now would be a good time. What do you say… two dollars?

Scott: ”$2?“

Deaton: "You’re right… $2.50 more an hour. Seems like a pretty good raise.”

Scott: “That’s not what I was… $2.50 more an hour?”

Deaton: “Done! Don’t forget to clean out the cat cages.”

Scott: *goes back to sweeping up the broken jar with a huge smile*

Smooth, Dr. Deats. Smooth.

Jesus Christ this review is taking forever, and I’m only halfway through the episode. Sorry.

Anyways, at the Argent’s house, Allison and Lydia are “studying” when her dad comes in. Really, Allison is standing and Lydia is sitting in a chair and they’re giggling. So I’d be suspicious too.

Argent pulls Allison aside and asks her to keep an eye on Lydia, because of what happened to her earlier.

Allison: “You want me to spy on her?”

Argent: “We want you to look out for your friend. To make sure everything is ok with her.”

They look over to see this:

Allison (& everyone else): “She looks fine to me.”

Now, cut to Scott and Stiles breaking into the local ice rink with the keys Stiles got from Boyd, and they and Allison and Lydia seem to be on some kind of double date.

Lydia complains about the cold. Stiles offers her his bright orange sweater. But, of course, blue and orange don’t really go together.

Stiles: “But it’s the colours of the Mets!”

hehe, I think that’s a little of Dylan O'Brien bleeding into his character there. I applaud the writers.

Stiles puts the sweater away and offers Lydia a Reese’s package instead, which she accepts.

Stiles: “Ok, um maybe orange and blue’s… not the best. But y'know, um, sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination… end up to be like a perfect combination, y'know? Like… two people… together. Who… nobody ever thought would be together. Like… ever.”

Yes Stiles, this unlikely-yet-perfect combination is called something sacred in this fandom: Sterek. Learn the word. It’s important

Lydia: “I can see that.”

Stiles: “You can?”

Lydia: “Yeah! They’re cute together.” *referring to Scott and Allison*

Stiles is unimpressed.

Scott brags about being able to skate fine thanks to being a werewolf, despite never having skated before in his life. He falls on his face.

I am ecstatic.

Also, Stiles appreciates Lydia’s skating skills appropriately:


Then she grabs his hand and they go skating off together while Allison skates backwards as she helps Scott glide across the ice.

Scott is irreparably hopeless, and hits his head on the glass. So they go off to a photo booth, as all tv couples must do at some point in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Lydia follows a trail of random wolfs-bane flower petals to a full bloom sticking out of the ice, beside where she wipes the snow off to reveal this:

She screams. Scott and Allison come running to see Stiles trying to calm her down. It doesn’t work.

These hallucinations of hers are really starting to worry me.

Skip to school the next day, where Scott confronts Erica about who Derek will turn next.

Erica: “Why’s there have to be a next when we’ve already got you?”

Scott: “Who’s next?”

Erica starts recounting what happened during one of her seizures instead of answering. It’s pretty brutal and I don’t blame her for wanting to be rid of it. At all. Then she does this:

And I’m left wondering what I missed.

Scott grabs her arms and pushes her away when he see Allison down the hall, watching them. Erica… seems to get off on it. It’s kinda weird.

While this is going on, back at Allison’s house, Mrs. Argent is picking up her daughter’s laundry. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been doing my own laundry since I was like 12, so I’m not really sure why Mrs. Argent is spending what could be some valuable time being a bad-ass, picking up after her teenage daughter.

So Mrs. Argent somehow gets suspicious of Allison’s bookmark in her geometry textbook. Which turns out to be Scott’s “Because I love you” note from the first episode of this season. Because of course.

Mrs. Argent then very calmly goes to the kitchen.

Jesus fucking Christ woman what are you doing?!

This is not what I meant when I was referring to your badassery!

Apparently, it’s just an excuse to go to the ER, where Ms. McCall seems to be the only nurse to ever work there.

Mrs. Argent: “Oh I don’t need the anesthetic.”

Ms. McCall: “Are you serious? … Okaay.”

And then proceeds to stitch up lady Argent, who never looses her little smile and doesn’t stop staring at Ms. McCall as they talk about Scott and the breakup and hiding things. It’s honestly scary as fuck. Like does this woman not feel pain? At all?

Creepy. Seriously creepy.

Back at school, Allison and Scott sit back-to-back and Scott starts to apologize before Allison cuts him off saying she’s not jealous. She’s more worried about the fact that with her grandfather staying in town and Isaac and Erica being turned, it seems like battle-lines are being drawn.

Thank you, Allison, for being a logical human being with proper priorities. I like you much better now.

Scott: “What do you expect me to do? I can’t pretend to be normal.”

Allison: “I don’t want you to be normal, I want you to be alive.”

Seriously, my respect for you, dude. It’s growing.

Allison leaves, Stiles comes in and points out Boyd is missing.

Uh oh.

Walking out, Scott is organizing a two-person search party, under the impression that Derek is going to turn Boyd next. Stiles isn’t so sure they need to interfere.

Stiles: “You said Derek’s giving them a choice, right? You gotta admit, Erica looks pretty good.”

I like how Stiles is trying to see the positive of Derek’s actions, rather than just the negative like Scott is. It’s a nice second-hand bonding moment between my two favourite characters.

Scott disagrees saying if things get out of control, it’s his responsibility.

I am liking where the writers are going with this character development, but is it maybe a little sudden, or is that just me? Doesn’t matter.

Stiles: “Alright, I’m with you. And I also got to say this newfound heroism is making me very attracted to you. No seriously, do you wanna just try making out for a sec? Just to see how it feels!”

I’m not even making this dialogue up, it is word-for-word, and hilariously awesome. As Stiles usually is.

Scott pushes him away.

Lmao, omg Stiles you are so totally at least bi. Admit it. Please.

Back at the old Hale house, Jackson is looking for Derek. Well, he thinks he’s found Derek so he just starts talking out loud, thinking he’ll hear him. But I think we all know Derek’s moved from one decrepit dump to another, so he’s not there.

So he busts in and is met with this.

I cackle again in delight. It’s becoming a habit.

Mr. Argent shouts for his men to wait and walks out, but all I notice is this:

Because seriously, is that just someone taking a nap? Or a mannequin? Or a body? Or what?

Jackson: “What happened to him?”*gestures at guy on table*

Ok, so a body then.

Argent: “That’s a good question. I got one for you; what are you doing here, Jackson?”

Jackson sucks at lying. Which is probably a good thing, but still.

Argent: “Jackson, I hope you’re not still pursuing something that you shouldn’t be, because I don’t want to be forced to pursue you. Stay out of this. You got so much good in your life; you’re smart, good looking, captain of the lacrosse team.”

Jackson: “Co-captain.”

Really Jackson? Really? That’s what you’re getting from this? I want to like you, because… well, let’s be honest, you’re really good-looking. But you’re making it so hard.

Argent is as unimpressed as I am and pushes him out the door.

Stiles squeals to a stop in his jeep outside what I’m assuming is Boyd’s house and starts frantically knocking on the door and windows. Of the house, not his jeep.

Erica shows up. Stiles is obviously struck dumb in the face of her new… well, face.

And yes, just her face, because as Erica points out:

Erica: “You know what you’re doing right now that’s kind of funny? You’re only looking in my eyes.”

Lmao. Stiles bb, I love you.

Stiles: “That’s funny?”

Erica: “Well, yeah. Because it’s that kind of look where you’re trying not to look anywhere other than my eyes. But you want to, don’t you? You… want a nice… long… hard… look.”

Erica gets really close and Stiles does this:

Because he’s totally straight.

Stiles: “Not really, no.”

Erica: “Oh. So it’s just my eyes?”

Stiles: “Yes! You have beautiful eyes.”

Erica: “I have beautiful everything.”

Stiles: “And a new-found self confidence. Congratulations, Erica. I should get going.”

Erica: “You’re not going anywhere.” *slams Stiles back with one hand"

Stiles: *wincing* “Why not?”

Erica: *hold up very important-looking engine part* “You’re having car trouble.” *Whacks Stiles with car part*

Stiles, bb, you make the best faces.

Also, I kinda like Erica’s sass. It’s pretty funny.

At the Vet, where it is suddenly dark outside -as is custom in Beacon Hills- Dr. Deaton runs in to a sounding alarm and sees Bike Guy’s clawed body on his operating table.

Mr. Argent comes out of the shadows and asks for a medical opinion on COD.

Deaton: “I don’t know if you saw the sign out there, but this is just an animal clinic.”

Oh Dr. Deats, you’re oblivious routine will only get you so far. Looking back, very few people actually buy it, I’m not sure how you’re still trying to pull it off.

Argent: “I’m aware of that. I’m also aware, you’re not just a vet.”

Dramatic pause! Then Scene Change.

At the skating rink, Boyd is fine and riding the Zamboni around the ice. Have I ever mentioned I’ve always wanted that job? Scott yells, Boyd ignores him.

Scott: “Did Derek tell you everything? And I don’t mean just going out of control on the full moons, I mean everything.”

OMG Scott, what if Derek hasn’t even talked to Boyd?! You basically just outed yourself and Derek.

Boyd turns off the Zamboni.

Boyd: “He told me about the hunters.”

Ok then, crisis averted, never mind.

Scott: “And that’s not enough for you to say no? Whatever you want, there’s other ways to get it.”

Boyd: “I just want to not each lunch alone every day.”

Oh Boyd, me too. Well, I actually found friends eventually, but still. I know your feels.

Scott: “If you’re looking for friends, you can do a lot better than Derek.”

He could also do a lot worse Scott. I think you’re blowing this way out of proportion, personally. I have since you dumped on Isaac for making his choice.

Derek: *off-screen. Again.* (Am I seriously the only one who notices this stuff?) “That really hurts, Scott. *comes on-screen with Isaac and Erica behind him* I mean, if you’re going to review me, at least take a… consensus… Erica, how’s life been for you since we’ve met?”

Erica: “In a word… transformative.”

They are both looking mighty fine, aren’t they? Just sayin’. Also, just going to mention, transformative isn’t a real word. The squiggly red line told me so.

Derek: “Isaac?”

Isaac: “Well I’m a little bummed about being a fugitive, but other than that, I’m great.”

I love the sass this show is adding. It’s great.

Scott: “This isn’t exactly a fair fight.”

Derek: “Then go home Scott.”

Erica and Isaac walk forward at Derek’s nod, presumably to drag Scott home. Scott punches the ice and wolfs out. As one does.

Scott: “I meant fair for them.”

Scott has joined the sass train. Late, unsurprisingly, but he’s on board all the same.

Anyways, Isaac, my poor baby, is thrown into the glass and wolfs out.

And is it just me, or is his beta face scarier than the others’? Probably just me.

Scott kicks Erica against the Zamboni while Boyd still just sits there and Isaac walks back to the fight. They keep fighting for a while and the only werewolf I can tell apart from the others is Erica. Because of obvious reasons. But from the split-second profile shots, I don’t know if Scott or Isaac is technically stronger.

Either way, Derek watches on, unconcerned.

I am greatly amused.

Boyd is also still just watching from his Zamboni.

Scott beats Erica and Isaac into unconsciousness. I’m not too impressed to be honest, because really, they’re new to this whole schtick and both were kinda super-weak before the bite to begin with. So.

Some dramatic trumpet music plays.

Derek grins. I don’t know why, but he just looks amused.

Scott: “Don’t you get it?! He’s not doing this for you! He’s just adding to his own power, it’s all about him! He makes you feel like he’s given you some kind of gift when all he’s done is turn you into a bunch of guard dogs!”

Scott, they’re unconscious. They can’t hear you. And although I can see his point somewhat, maybe just a bit, I’m still not completely convinced. I mean if Derek wanted power, he didn’t need to start his pack with an abused boy and an epileptic girl. He has loads of choices.

Also, I just thought of this, but why is Derek even still in Beacon Hills? There’s really nothing left for him there except Stiles.

Whatever, we can discuss that later.

Derek: “It’s true. It is about power.”

I wonder if he’s referring to power for himself, or the power he’s given to the previously-weak teenagers in his new pack.

Derek and Scott fight. Derek doesn’t seem to take it to seriously if his smile is anything to go by.

We have yet to see Derek shift into his Alpha form, like Peter last season. I’m not sure whether this signifies incredible self-control or he hasn’t been able to work up to it yet.

Derek beats the shit out of Scott either way. Boyd finally looks a little apprehensive and jumps down to go to Scott when Derek walks away.

Scott: “Don’t. You don’t want to be like him.”

I admire your conviction Scott. But that’s all I’m giving you thus far.

Boyd: “You’re right.”*lifts up shirt*

“I wanna be like you.” He smiles as he says this so I’m not sure if he’s serious or being facetious.

Btw, what’s with all the bites we’ve seen being on the hip/side of the waist? Can we get an answer for that soon please? I’m really curious.

Scott watches them all walk away while he lies on the ground in pain.

Stiles wakes up in a dumpster.

He calls Erica a bitch.

Scott is back at the vets complaining about his cut that won’t heal. Oh so it’s a curse til you need it, huh Scott? Mhmm I see how it is.

Dr. Deaton: “Because it’s from an Alpha.”

Scott is startled.

Dude, what happened to those heightened senses you were bragging about to Allison earlier?

Dr. Deats thinks they need to have that talk now.

Meanwhile Jackson is alone, surprise surprise, practicing lacrosse.

A couple things:

1. Dude, way to ruin the field.

2. Where’s your precious Porsche rich boy?

3. Is lacrosse like you’re only outlet for aggression? Because I think you need a new hobby.

Anyways, Jackson gets in his truck but the wheels have sunk into the wet ground so he’s stuck. He gets out to try to push it out of the rut from behind and falls in the mud.

Then he tries again and this happens:

Yeah, that’s Jackson lifting his truck. Off the ground. By himself.

He drops it back down.

Jackson is as surprised as I am. Until…

Me: Oh fuck, he’s the lizard man isn’t he? God dammit.

Aaaaaaaand Credits.

The best thing is actually watching "Teen Wolf" and going through Ros's "MOTHERFUCKING WEREWOLVES" tag at the same time.

It’s so cheesy. But such fun.

Also, after only one episode, I just want Stiles to be the main character. When are he and Derek going to have ridiculous levels of sexual tension? Because that’s more or less what I want this show to be about.