mine: monroe

Eu acredito que tudo acontece por uma razão. As pessoas mudam para que você possa aprender a deixar ir, as coisas dão errado para que você as aprecie quando elas estão certas, você acredita mentiras, então você finalmente aprende a confiar em ninguém além de você mesmo, e às vezes as coisas boas se desmoronam para que coisas melhores possam cair juntos.
—  Marilyn Monroe.

Now I’m mad. You show me 20yo Kelly and However old Diana is (because her aging timeline was weird to begin with) and you don’t show me 19yo triplets??? You don’t show me which ones are blutbaden or fuchsbau?? You don’t show me whether one of them is a clock nerd like Daddy Monroe, or a wizard with the spices like Mommy Rosalie? Wth. You didn’t even show me if Kelly could woge from being half hexenbiest. I’m mad at you NBC. I’m mad at you Grimm. That was a half-a** ending to a great show. Well done, idiots.


weeps a lil i still can’t believe… i managed to get an myo grem slot…. lmao….. they’re ike my favorite species ;;
decided to jump on the bandwagon and make a gremsona then!! i really like them… i make them with a lot of my favorite colors so!! i’m happy
they are currently pending approval but i’m fAIRLY certain i followed all of the rules
they’re basically me, also: a memer, always wears sweatshirts, likes drawing, relatively introverted, etc
tentatively calling them monroe???? which is ironically the name of the town i work/shop/etc in
top one is a free base by hatchl@da, and the bottom one is all by me