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Work all the angles, especially the ones you often ignore.
Some ground and pound conditioning to wrap up my workout @budokonuniversity last night.
15 push-up pops
15 ground and pounds
20 crunches
15 dual hip thrusters
15 single leg hip thrusters
Rest a minute
Repeat 3-4 rounds
I was sweating like a madman by the end. Felt like one too. 👹 #transformationtuesday #work #budokon #conditioning #groundandpound #mma (at Budokon)

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“When Joel tore his MCL, the shoot changed and went south really fast. Joel was so bummed. Obviously he was in a lot of pain, but it wasn’t his pain that was on his mind. No, he felt he’d let the team down.”

–  Tom Hardy 

“I saw it happen. They were doing coverage of the fight sequences and it was one of those things where you were watching it over and over again and you get used to what the noises sound like, and there was something just so different about the way you heard him hit the ground on that and you could see leg didn’t go the way a normal leg should go, and it was just a moment when everybody knew all at once, you know. Everybody just went [huge gasp]…He ended up, my god, doing a bunch of the fighting sequences while still hurt…He’s so devoted.”

–  Jennifer Morrison

– Tom Hardy and Jennifer Morrison recalling the day on the “Warrior” set when Joel Edgerton suffered a grade 3 tear in his right MCL after being thrown by Hardy’s stunt double, Jace Jeanes

myqueenmarceline  asked:

Who is the sweaty girl with red hair im Gay for her

I’m still figuring out myself. Her name is Brienka. I know she’s the older of three sisters. I know she helps her Dad run their mixed martial arts academy. I know she and her sisters all inherited their orc father’s fighting style, which is what you’d get if you threw keysi/the approach, bjj and mongolian wrestling in a blender. Since her dad travels a lot because of seminars and tournaments promoting their fighting style she’s usually the one who runs the academy, and will definitely inherit it from him when he retires. I need to dig more about her and the rest of her family.