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[ON&ON] Wyatt and MK’s Scissors Paper Rock  

Someone do me a favor and juxtapose how Paul died with how MK died.  Because these writers do know how to write a death scene.  They absolutely do, when they think it matters.  They had an idea, and it was a terrible idea. And they went with it.  You made a mistake, guys.  Amidst so many great choices, I might add.  Other shows have also tried to tell the story of the tragedy of how men do violence to women by graphically depicting it.  And guess what?  That’s not how symbolic capital works.  Another highly charged image of a man with incomprehensible physical power compared with an incomprehensibly frail woman subjugating her to psychological and physical violence and killing her to satisfy his warped ego isn’t a feminist masterpiece.  We have seen ourselves die thousands of times.  You’re just cashing in on the market.  Sorry.  

MK didn’t just die in a horrifying and gruesome manner. They also had Ferdinand call her Rachel as he killed her. So not only did they kill her (a canonically autistic character… an aspect of her identity that they threw out there and promptly ignored), they robbed her of the dignity of dying as herself. Ferdinand killed her because it was as close as he could get to hurting Rachel without actually hurting the real Rachel. MK spent god knows how long and gave up literally everything to protect her sisters who barely even got the chance to know that she existed, and she wasn’t even treated as her own person in her death scene. I’m sick.