mine: mistborn

…this piece was based on three things. Despite that realmatically, this probably can’t happen, my artistic side didn’t care…(It says, ‘Screw realmatics’, so it’s not particularly nice either). There’s this seen in Mistborn 2, near the very beginning, when Elend asks Vin, who watches over her. Of course, she thinks, Kelsier…despite that he was dead…

I use to hate that scene. It just seemed like a kick in the face (somehow).

Later, I realized, in a way though, she's right, Kelsier might be dead, but he’s still in the cognitive realm…and though the realms don’t work like that (I think), there’s still a sense that yeah, he still watches over her…(and the others, too)…

Miscellaneous Sander-puns.

What do you call it when an Allomancer delivers a really sick comeback? A Mistburn.

Why did Harmony take so long to show up? Well, of course he did, he was the Hero of Ages.

Awakeners probably suck at running, because the process tends to leave them Breathless.

How do people enter Elantris? Through the front Dor, of course.