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If you find someone's identification card you can simply place it in your mail box and the post office will make sure it is returned. Free of charge no envelope just put it in mailbox! (I know this is the case for the U.S. not sure about elsewhere.)
If you are having a stressful day or period of life, keeping your apartment clean and personal belongings well organized must be your top priority.

My life has been a disaster zone for a while. Everyday is a huge stress, which makes me a sort of expert in stress management. In times like that, even minor hiccups in your daily routine can derail your very fragile balance and sanity.  You may remember from your own experience how easily you can become unreasonably aggressive if you haven’t been able to find something in your room for half an hour while being in a big hurry. Things like that, when thrown on top of the already present stress from a complicated life situation, can make you behave unreasonably and aggravate everything even more. Nobody knows how it’s going to end, but you will unlikely benefit from it.

Small things matter. That’s where everything starts. The butterfly effect in action.

PS: Just finished cleaning my apartment. Feel much better and can think more clearly now.