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Mindy Project Merchandise - Help Save the Show

Hey guys. So I know campaign ideas have been bandied about to help the show and one thing to always keep in mind is that Fox sells Mindy merchandise.

If you are going to buy the DVD, if you get it through the Fox website they will have data directly about the viewership of the show. I know it is more expensive than other places, though. But those numbers probably go to Universal, not Fox.

They have accessories and clothes but I think what might make the most difference is buying things with the logo like the cell phone cases, totes, mugs, etc. Stuff that is identifiably Mindy. Not just a cute shirt or earring you saw, but something that says you are a dedicated fan to the show.

I personally love the t shirts that say “it’s so weird being my own role model”

They also have one that says “My warrior name is Beyoncé pad Thai!”
Who doesn’t want that?!

The rhinestone initial necklaces are so cute (I love Mindy’s M necklace) and would make great stocking stuffers. They are also affordable at only $15.

Why this a good idea:

1. Cool Mindy related stuff
2. Great gift ideas for fellow Mindy fans
3. Let’s Fox know about Mindy’s fandom
4. Fox sees it in actual dough (they are all about the $$$$)


Kristen and Mouna, please mention on the podcast too!

What do you guys think?


Friday Funnies Mindy Project Style…

I’ve been watching The Mindy Project since the pilot episode simply because after reading, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, I moved her into my top 5 funniest women ever group. I don’t regret this decision. Now that Anders Holm (Workaholics) is on as her love interest Casey, I wish there were 10 more episodes. Happy Friday Y'all

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